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  1. That is a juvenile Green Heron! Awesome bird to have at your birdbath!
  2. Yes, Cooper's (large, blocky head, small eye toward front of head).
  3. I recommend Cornell Lab's All About Birds as an online resource. Here is the Carolina Wren page: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Carolina_Wren/id
  4. I agree, looks like a totally normal Carolina Wren. What bird book are you using?
  5. It is a domestic goose (farm goose). Note the large white rear end. Looks to be a Graylag/Swan Goose hybrid.
  6. I think it sounds okay for a Northern Cardinal. The "weird" songs usually come from the females.
  7. I'm far from a sandpiper expert, but I don't think the beak is too long and the legs appear to be yellow, so I think Least.
  8. Not the greatest of photos, but I thought this Gray Catbird posed nicely for me.
  9. Juveniles have that distinct facial pattern? I thought it was a little older than that.
  10. Much too yellow for a Warbling Vireo. Looks like a male Common Yellowthroat with that dark mask and pink legs.
  11. That one actually sounds more like a Pine Warbler to me.
  12. Cool! We don't get those here in Vermont. No wonder I didn't recognize it!
  13. 1. Not sure I can rule out Black-and-white 2. Sounds better for a Dark-eyed Junco 3. Sounds good for a Black-throated Blue 4. I think this is also a Dark-eyed Junco
  14. Thanks, HamRHead! Yes, very cute and curious little one.
  15. I think... 1. Black-throated Blue Warbler 2. Chestnut-sided Warbler 3. Red-eyed Vireo
  16. Juvenile Common Yellowthroat by The Bird Nuts, on Flickr
  17. This is a juvenile Red-winged, that's why it's quite yellow.
  18. Indigo Bunting is correct. Not sure about the loud call. What kind of squirrel?
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