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  1. Proportions are wrong for a swan. How about domestic Mallard?
  2. Cooper's Hawk is correct for the reasons you mentioned plus the relatively small eye that is closer to the front of the head, the blocky head, and light gray nape.
  3. I don't think that's the sound Katelyn is asking about, but isn't it a Blue Jay?
  4. Yes, I think the images are good enough to call it a Solitary Sandpiper.
  5. Ah, sorry about that. How about an oriole? Do you get Bullock's there?
  6. Yep, juvenile European Starlings. We visited Nova Scotia last year and I loved the morning fog!
  7. The high-pitched call reminds me of a fledgling or nestling bird. Don't remember what species it was when I heard a sound like that, though....
  8. Juvenile Brown-headed Cowbird with the mottled gray-brown body and thick bill.
  9. Agree with House Finch. I think it could also be a juvenile male at this time of year.
  10. Sorry, both are House Finches. Both have very curved culmens, the male's color is too red for a Purple Finch and the color doesn't reach the cheek and wingbar, and the female/immature has no white on the face, ruling out Purple.
  11. The bulky body and white undertail coverts make it a domestic Graylag.
  12. If the photos are in JPEG or JPG format you can drag them directly into the comment box.
  13. Juvenile Eastern Phoebe. Note the brown color on the back and head (female Redstarts have gray heads and green backs), two cinnamon wingbars, and thicker bill.
  14. Sound finch-like to me. Maybe Lazuli Bunting?
  15. I'm sure the colors in these photos are more vibrant than in real life, but the weird thing is that it has no streaks on its belly.
  16. Weird bird...The bill is too thick for a meadowlark or oriole. It looks like a strange cross between a Red-winged Blackbird (shape and head pattern) and a Dickcissel (yellow face and thin streaks on the breast).
  17. Thirded. Juvenile Barn Swallow on the left and adult on the right in the first two photos.
  18. After researching a bit, I think the first bird might be an Acadian Flycatcher. I have no experience with them, so wait for more opinions.
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