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  1. Northern Parula (broken white eyering, yellow lower mandible, yellow throat, green back).
  2. It is not a Sharp-shinned Hawk due to the light gray nape and blocky, flat-topped head.
  3. Quite sure this is a Winter Wren, although I am not familiar with Pacific Wrens which sound similar, but I think you are not in the normal range for a Pacific.
  4. Yeah, that's what I'd call it as well. The yellow undertail looks good for a Yellow.
  5. This is actually a juvenile Red-winged Blackbird with the fleshy gape, very yellow breast and face, and streaked throat and supercilium. I'm not sure if we can tell if it's a female or male at this stage.
  6. It's a juvenile sparrow which are not easy to ID, but my guess would be Song Sparrow for this guy.
  7. The sparrow looks more like a Savannah or Vesper Sparrow to me.
  8. 1. Looks like a juvenile Western Bluebird 2. Wood-Pewee, Western by range 3. Say's Phoebe, I think 4. Sparrow sp. 5. House Finch, I think
  9. Savannah Sparrow. Meadow Pipits are Eurasian birds.
  10. Actually, looking at it again, I think it's a Lesser Goldfinch now.
  11. I had to brighten the image a bit, but I think it's a Lesser Yellowlegs. Definitely not a Spotted.
  12. Welcome! That is a juvenile European Starling.
  13. Oops, totally missed the orange on the bill on #4, so definitely not an Eastern Phoebe. 😳
  14. Looks like a Pickleworm Moth (Diaphania nitidalis).
  15. 1. Brown-headed Cowbird 2,3. Chipping Sparrow, I think 4. Eastern Phoebe?
  16. Agreed. But I don't know how to rule out young male.
  17. I think White-throated is a good guess.
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