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  1. Why not a female or immature Western Tanager? https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Western_Tanager/id It doesn't look oriole-like to me.
  2. Northern Parula with the yellow throat, green back, and pale mandible.
  3. This is actually a molting Field Sparrow with the rather plain face, pink bill, and orange eyeline and cap.
  4. Oh, I have Blackpoll Warbler on my lifelist, but I haven't seen one this year.
  5. This is Potoo funny! Anyone else want to Pigeon? I want to see Moorhen!
  6. Yes, Eastern Phoebe (large dark head, all black bill, weak wingbars) and Eastern Wood-Pewee (long primary projection, orange mandible, more distinct wingbars).
  7. I think #1 looks good for an American Kestrel. #2 is probably a Red-tailed Hawk. And Common Yellowthroat is correct for #3.
  8. Absolutely! I'm on this forum more than I'd like to admit (in other words...EVERY DAY 😬).......I have some raised garden beds to build, so hopefully I can get away from the forum for a little while today. haha
  9. Chestnut-sided Warbler is correct. Could be a young one or an adult female in nonbreeding plumage; not sure which.
  10. Looks more like a Veery to me with that warm brown back and breast spots and gray face.
  11. I was thinking they were two different birds as well. I agree with Lincoln's for the first, but I don't know how to rule out Clay-colored for#2.
  12. That is a young American Robin (gray/black upperparts, large white eyering).
  13. We have a Myna problem here...we should Eider stop or have the moderator lock this thread.
  14. Yeah, I see no evidence of hybridization - no yellow on the breast, wide mask, yellow wingbars...
  15. This is actually a Red-shouldered Hawk. Notice the thinner white tail bands.
  16. Yes, Red-shouldered (black and white barring on wings and tail). A Red-tailed would never have that tail pattern.
  17. Your first impression was correct - female Golden-winged Warbler.
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