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  1. Yes, they can be. The best way to memorize which bird makes which sound is to find the birds and watch them sing and call.
  2. House Finch is correct. Leaning juvenile.
  3. It's a Carolina Wren. I don't know how to explain sounds very well, but Northern Cardinal songs are not as...soft? And the pattern is wrong.
  4. I agree with House Wren. Looks like a juvenile.
  5. 1 and 5 are Eastern Towhees and I can confirm the Wood Thrush. I'm drawing a blank on the others....it's late...
  6. That is a female type House Sparrow. House Sparrows are not closely related to our New World Sparrows, and, as you noted, their beaks are shaped differently.
  7. Quite sure this is a canary (the kind that people keep as pets).
  8. What was its behavior (perched in trees, foraging on the ground, clinging to tree trunk, etc)? Did it have an upright posture or a horizontal posture? What was the habitat?
  9. Ah, good to know! What are the characteristics of a hybrid? The dark chin?
  10. Looks good for an Eastern Phoebe to me -- brown on top, all-black bill, no eyering.
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