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  1. That is a young American Robin (gray/black upperparts, large white eyering).
  2. We have a Myna problem here...we should Eider stop or have the moderator lock this thread.
  3. Yeah, I see no evidence of hybridization - no yellow on the breast, wide mask, yellow wingbars...
  4. This is actually a Red-shouldered Hawk. Notice the thinner white tail bands.
  5. Yes, Red-shouldered (black and white barring on wings and tail). A Red-tailed would never have that tail pattern.
  6. Your first impression was correct - female Golden-winged Warbler.
  7. You KNOW?! 😮 Wow, you must see a lot of warblers.
  8. I don't know if this is what it was doing since there are no photos or videos, but in a lot of birds rapidly flapping wings is begging behavior seen in females (during courtship) and juveniles. The tail twitching seems weird, though.
  9. Cactus Wren? If that's not it, what was the main color of the bird and what was the color of the tail? Did you note shape and color of the bill? Any other markings on the face or wings?
  10. Chipping Sparrow (dark eyeline and lores, reddish cap, pink bill) in nonbreeding plumage, I believe.
  11. Too brown for an Orange-crowned. Pretty sure it's a Common Yellowthroat.
  12. That is a Tennessee Warbler. Note the lack of wingbars, the dark eyeline, and the white undertail coverts.
  13. Googling is probably the easiest way. I found this list: https://wildlife.ca.gov/conservation/laboratories/wildlife-investigations/rehab/facilities
  14. Blackpoll is correct. Could be a nonbreeding female or an immature.
  15. Yep, it's a Bushtit, but it doesn't look very young to me. Are you a licensed wildlife rehabber? If not, you need to take it to one or at least call one to find out what to do.
  16. Can anyone confirm Swainson's? I THOUGHT I saw buffy spectacles on this guy (with my bins), but I was looking and taking photos through pine needles and branches... One original and one edited:
  17. Philadelphia Vireo from this evening. Saw two together in one tree! ☺️
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