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  1. Hi Jeff! Welcome to the forum. Yes, you can drag the photo from your computer directly into the comment box and it will automatically embed (jpeg or JPG files work best). If that doesn't work you can try the Choose Files button at the bottom left of the comment box.
  2. Yes, this is a Song Sparrow. Note the warm brown color, long tail, coarse streaking on the breast, larger grayish bill, and thick dark malar stripes (on either side of the throat).
  3. 1 is a Western Tanager. Orioles have pointed gray beaks.
  4. 1, 2, 5. Western Tanagers 3. Orange-crowned Warbler 4. Willow Flycatcher?
  5. Warbling Vireo. The head is not dark enough and eyering not white enough for a Blue-headed.
  6. The primary projection is actually very long (almost as long as its undertail coverts). I think it's fine for an Eastern Wood-Pewee.
  7. Yes, as long as you are confident in the ID. I like to include an audio recording in my checklists every once in a while to show the reviewers and other eBirders that I do know my bird sounds....at least most of the time...😄 It's easier to trust eBirders who include photos and audio.
  8. That is a young Indigo Bunting. Note the solid brown/tan upperparts.
  9. Yep, Bald Eagle. I'd say juvenile is correct, but I'm not great at aging eagles.
  10. That is a young Red-shouldered Hawk. Note the streaking on the upper breast and pale spots on the secondaries.
  11. I think all of them are Northern Goshawks, although I'm not 100% on the birds in flight. The first one shows the wavy, pale-bordered tail bands and pale supercilium, and the birds in flight are bulky-bodied and have bulging secondaries.
  12. The flycatcher is a Traill's (Willow there?) and the sparrow looks good for a young Song. I'll pass on the oriole.
  13. Oh, I didn't see the other photos for some reason. It is definitely a young Dark-eyed Junco.
  14. I don't think so. Rose-breasted Grosbeaks have a different and faster pattern with a very clear voice.
  15. I think you're right now. It does sound harsher like a Scarlet Tanager. The longer recordings really do help us get an idea of how long the pauses are in between phrases, if there is any variation, etc.
  16. I think Scarlet Tanagers are a bit faster. But the audio quality makes it hard to tell how harsh the voice is.
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