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  1. This is an oriole (note the large, pointy bill), probably a female Baltimore.
  2. I agree with Swainson's Thrush. The breast spotting is too dark and extensive for a Veery and it lacks the gray cheeks.
  3. Welcome to Whatbird! That is an adult male Spotted Towhee.
  4. The orange feet, two wingbars, gray and green plumage, and the broken eyering all fit Blackpoll. See this photo: https://www.audubon.org/field-guide/bird/blackpoll-warbler#photo2
  5. They might be two different birds, but I don't think the first bird could be anything else. It has a vireo beak, no wingbars, no tail spots, and it is a drab gray-brown with a yellow wash.
  6. May 16th in Vermont. Compact body, extensive translucent patches near the wingtips (all of the primaries), and the sparse streaking has me thinking young Broad-winged. But the five "wing fingers" points to Red-shouldered. It looks like some of the primaries are coming in, though, making it difficult for me to tell how many "wing fingers" it actually has. Is the tail pattern better for Red-shouldered? Help!
  7. Thanks for the additional photos. The warbler is a female Black-throated Blue (pale lower eye arc and supercilium).
  8. Looks like a Common Yellowthroat. Tennessee Warblers have dark eyelines, light superciliums, shorter tails, straighter beaks, and a more horizontal posture.
  9. Cedars do have another more trilled call. Do you bring a camera when you're out birding? If I'm not sure about a bird call I just press the record/video button.
  10. I had a Veery close encounter with this Veery cool bird today.
  11. This is NOT a Sharp-shinned or Red-shouldered. Sharpies have different tail patterns, longer tails, and light eyes, and Red-shouldereds have barring on the secondaries among other things. Juvie Gray Hawk is the closest I've found, but I'm not sure at all. Do you have a photo that better shows the tail length?
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