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  1. I meant as a bird that starts with a single note. I'm sure you know what a Hermit sounds like... Oh! How about Brown Creeper?
  2. Hermit Thrush comes to mind, but they don't sound much like warblers...
  3. Louisiana Waterthrush? The river habitat is right for them. Oh, and welcome to the forum, fellow Vermonter!
  4. Dark-eyed Junco...It just didn't feel like migrating this year...
  5. The main bird in the second recording sounds like an American Goldfinch to me. In #3 you have an American Robin AND a vireo (not sure which). House Wren is correct for #4. I don't recognize the song in #1.
  6. I think so. Looks like its feathers are wet.
  7. House Sparrow. House Finches have conical, pointed bills, duller gray-brown color, and streaking on the breast/flanks.
  8. I bet the tail looks long because it's missing some undertail coverts. Quite sure this is a molting adult.
  9. Agree with Red-tailed. Eagles have much larger bills.
  10. You were correct; they are sexually dimorphic. The males have orange on their crowns that is often hidden by the yellow crown feathers....just as a male Ruby-crowned Kinglet's red crown feathers are often hidden.
  11. Looks and sounds good for a Common Raven. I think it's a young one with the pale gape.
  12. The shape and proportions are the same - large, straight, pointy bill, relatively small eyes, long legs.
  13. I think the first bird is a juvenile Song Sparrow (long tail, reddish wings and tail), but juveniles can be tough.
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