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  1. Young Red-tailed Hawk (bulky build, short brown tail with thin dark bands, no pale barring on secondaries).
  2. Welcome, TobyY! You'll need to upload your photo(s) to the forum in order for us to see them. You can do this by clicking "choose files..." at the bottom left of the comment box.
  3. I was thinking that one and the bird just to the right of the left Bufflehead were both Mergansers of some sort, but I wasn't confident enough to say anything.
  4. I agree with Great Blue Heron. The reddish color in the cap is a photo artifact. Sandhill Cranes have larger, floppier tails and smaller black beaks.
  5. Yep, it's an Ovenbird. Notice the orange and black crown stripes, the strong white eyering, and the streaked breast.
  6. Red-shouldered indeed. The black and white checkered wing pattern plus the orange barring on the breast is diagnostic.
  7. Chipping Sparrow - black lines through the eyes that reach the bill.
  8. House Finch. Notice the curved bill that is wide at the base and the almost nonexistent facial pattern.
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