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  1. Yep, adult Song. Lincoln's Sparrows have super clean thin streaking over buff colored breast and flanks and blue-gray superciliums.
  2. That is exactly what it is! A molting Northern Mockingbird.
  3. I only asked if it was also a Chipping!.............................................................okay, I misidentified it..........😳😳
  4. Ah, thanks! I missed your first explanation. Sorry about that. I obviously don't have much experience with Lark Sparrows.
  5. Isn't the bird in the second photo also a Chipping? The eyeline doesn't curve downward like a Lark Sparrow's and its beak is small and very pink.
  6. I agree with House Finch (a young one). The base of the bill is too large for a House Sparrow.
  7. That white spot, along with the long wings and large head and bill, makes this an Olive-sided Flycatcher.
  8. Yes, Mallards in nonbreeding plumage. Too much white/light color in the body and tail for Am. Black Ducks.
  9. I think it is a Red-winged Blackbird because of the more distinct plumage pattern and color variation. Boy, is it huge! Just look at the size of its feet compared to its mother's!
  10. @IloveIbird What is the bird's behavior? Does the bird eat from the feeders? Or does it fly down to the ground to catch insects, etc.? We may need another photo to figure this one out. Whatever it is, it is a neat bird!
  11. I'm not a moth expert, but I like to ID moths. I don't think the photo is good enough to tell what species it is. I can't even tell if it's a skipper (which is a butterfly) or a moth.
  12. Agree with Warbling Vireo. The blue feet is a helpful vireo identifier.
  13. I was sitting on the bank of a river today when something frightened away the Louisiana Waterthrush I was watching. I soon found out what scared it...
  14. I agree. Notice the large eyes and gray undertail.
  15. This looks like a Townsend's Warbler which would be a really good bird for Ontario.
  16. American Tree Sparrow. Field Sparrows are a lighter orange.
  17. Oops, I misread the location - thought it was Gravenhurst, OR. They are juvenile Eastern Phoebes then.
  18. I don't believe Eastern Pheobes normally occur in Oregon.
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