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  1. Red-shouldered indeed. The black and white checkered wing pattern plus the orange barring on the breast is diagnostic.
  2. Chipping Sparrow - black lines through the eyes that reach the bill.
  3. House Finch. Notice the curved bill that is wide at the base and the almost nonexistent facial pattern.
  4. I think the left most bird in the first photo is a Ring-necked Duck. The bird in question in the last photo looks fine for another Redhead to me.
  5. Photo is here: https://forums.whatbird.com/index.php?/topic/7549-goose-duck/
  6. 1, 2. Song Sparrow 3, 4. Swamp Sparrow 5. Savannah Sparrow
  7. That is a Savannah Sparrow (yellow supercilium, thin pink beak, tan cheeks, back, and wings).
  8. I see dark wrist patches, wingtips, tail tip, and belly patch on the hawk, so I think it's a Rough-legged.
  9. I'm leaning Sharpie for the second bird based mainly on the head shape and size.
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