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  1. Definitely not a House Sparrow; the beak is much too thin. I'm not sure what it is, though. Do you have a photo of its back?
  2. Yes, the "third birds" are Mallards. I think they're males in nonbreeding plumage. Or they could be young.
  3. The first bird (Deschutes National Forest 6) reminds me of a Myiarchus flycatcher.
  4. I dont't think the first bird is identifiable. 2-3 are young Wood Ducks. I agree with Red-tailed Hawk and Common Raven for the last two.
  5. @Phalarope713 Could you export the recording to WAV or MP3?
  6. 🤔 I suggest turning off autocorrect, so we can maybe actually understand what you're saying...
  7. I love Chimney Swifts, especially in larger flocks. Their flight pattern and twittering calls are distinctive.
  8. Pretty sure size is the only way to tell male from female by sight. So you'll have to see both together.
  9. Other flycatchers can have brownish wingbars (and an all-dark bill, as you mentioned) when they're young, but the muted brown upperparts is distinctive. The eyering is brownish which makes me think it's the orbital ring and not an eyering. I could be wrong about that, though.
  10. Duplicate post. https://forums.whatbird.com/index.php?/topic/11981-need-held-iding-this-bird/
  11. Young cardinals are similar to adult females. The red feathers coming in on its breast/belly makes this a young male molting into adult plumage.
  12. I'd call it a juvenile House Sparrow. Can't tell if it's a female or male at that age.
  13. That is a Red-tailed Hawk. The band of streaks across the belly and the mostly unmarked upper breast are good ID features. This one is a juvenile.
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