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  1. I agree with Hermit Thrush (for both birds). The spots are too dark and large and its face is too brown.
  2. I'm afraid I can't see the photo...But I'm sure akiley is right!
  3. The males and females of this species cannot be told apart by plumage. However, there are two morphs of White-throated Sparrow, the tan-striped (which your bird looks to be) and the white-striped.
  4. The first bird looks like a female Northern Cardinal to me. I think the other is a Brown-headed Cowbird.
  5. Yeah, a Veery wouldn't have that dark malar stripe, so I think it's a Hermit Thrush.
  6. I'd say male Common Merganser on the left and male Ring-necked Duck on the right.
  7. Yeah, Goldens have rounder wings and a different tail shape.
  8. Note the dark brown color on top, the lack of an eyering, and the completely black beak.
  9. That's what was bugging me, but I think it could be looking down (or eating the fish).
  10. I'm thinking young Bald Eagle with a fish in its talons.
  11. Another for young Cooper's Hawk. Red-taileds have much shorter tails, thicker legs, and a band of streaks across the belly with a mostly unstreaked breast.
  12. 1. Pass 2. Looks like a Pine Warbler to me 3. Pass 4. Agree with American Pipit 5. I vote Lesser Scaup (tall head)
  13. No, I'm quite sure it is facing more towards us and it's carrying something light-colored in its beak that is obscuring almost its entire face.
  14. Yeah, the more I look at it the more I think it's a crow. It's definitely a Corvid and not a hawk, eagle, or vulture.
  15. I want to say your recording is of a Blue Jay. Keep trying to record calls that come from that direction, though! The bird in the photos sure does look like a large Corvid, and I think I would have called it a raven if I saw it here in the northeast. But I suppose the tail shape could be the result of worn/growing feathers. Your photos aren't bad. Maybe you could try to get some more of the birds at different angles?
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