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  1. I think the OP was asking about the colored part on top of its beak. That's called the cere. And, yes, I think it is always yellow like that even when they're juveniles.
  2. Olive-sided looking at me from the top of a tree this morning.
  3. I personally would report that on eBird as Warbling/Philadelphia. But let's see what others have to say.
  4. This is a young Cooper's Hawk. Sharp-shinneds are more compact with smaller necks and heads, more of a bug-eyed appearance, and orange/rufous blotchy streaking on the breast.
  5. That's what I was leaning, but I'd like more photos of #2.
  6. Yes, but other sandpipers have eyerings as well (like Solitary Sandpipers and some Yellowlegs), so it's important to look at multiple field marks.
  7. Yep, completely different species. Notice that the Spotted Sandpiper has a pretty much solid brown back. The Lesser Yellowlegs and Semipalm both have mottled backs with pale specks.
  8. All of the videos are blank for me. Can you get a screenshot instead?
  9. @sws, I am not able to view the videos on my computer for some reason. I could only see the photo/screenshot.
  10. Red-winged Blackbird is correct. Not certain about its age or sex, but I know young ones are more yellow like this.
  11. Whoops...I misread your reply. 😳 I thought you said that they had sat well for you in the past! 😅
  12. Yeah, they're not that afraid of humans in my experience.
  13. I can tell you it's not a Blue Jay. My first impression was Eastern Kingbird, but it's hard to see.
  14. Magnolia. Note the black-tipped tail, complete white eyering, and black streaks on the flanks.
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