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  1. Yeah, western Song Sparrows are much grayer with lighter brown streaking than our Songs.
  2. I'm seeing a small, rounded head, large eyes, smaller-looking bill, pale eyebrows, and dense orange streaking on the breast. I think this is a young Sharp-shinned.
  3. I'm not sure about the first one, but I agree with Gadwall for #2 and Mallards for #3.
  4. Red-cockaded Woodpeckers have barred backs and large white cheek patches, as Nivalis said. This is a Hairy Woodpecker. The bill is much too long for a Downy.
  5. By the way, I was saying "yes" to this. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just realized I forgot a Polls and Games forum. It should probably go under the Off Topic category.
  6. @millipede YES! I actually have already made a list of changes and I was about to send it to the Admin, but decided to wait. I guess I'll post it here to see what you think. Change the BIRDING category to BIRD IDENTIFICATION Change the GENERAL BIRDING TOPICS category to BIRDING Add General Birding Topics under the BIRDING category Move Photo Sharing and Discussion under the BIRDING category Change the description of the Birding Trips forum to โ€œHere you can post details of birding trips you have taken or ask for information regarding your next birding trip.โ€ Add a WHATBIRD category at the bottom Add Forum Help under the WHATBIRD category Add Forum Info under the WHATBIRD category Move most of the pinned posts from Help Me Identify a North American Bird to Forum Info Add an OFF TOPIC category below the BIRDING category (if non-birding topics are allowed) Add Other Wildlife under the OFF TOPIC category Add Off-topic Discussion (?) under the OFF TOPIC category
  7. This is absolutely a Great Blue Heron. The orange bill, white chin, black plumes, and black shoulder patch rule out YCNH.
  8. Turkey Vulture (pink, featherless head, white beak, brown body).
  9. It's a Great Blue Heron at an odd angle with its head tucked in. Its forehead looks a little stained.
  10. The second bird is a juvenile thrasher. I don't have experience with Long-billed, but I'm leaning Long-billed for both 1 and 2, and range supports that.
  11. If I lighten the photos, I can see dark patagials and a belly band, so that, along with the shape, makes this a Red-tailed Hawk.
  12. This is actually a Carolina Wren (or two Carolina Wrens).
  13. Cooper's and Sharp-shinned Hawks also have much different tail patterns and longer tails.
  14. I'm with Charlie Spencer. We definitely need a General Birding Topics forum/subforum (whatever!), but I don't think we need the wildlife category. I think the Admin is trying to keep this forum about birds and only birds and I think that is a good idea. We don't need to be filling their server with large photos of the mammals we've seen. There are other sites out there that help with plant and animal identification.
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