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  1. Sorry, that didn't help much to distinguish Parulas from Magnolias, did it? I'll add that Parulas have more saturated colors than Magnolias and they only have yellow throats and breasts while Maggies have yellow bellies. Also, Parulas have yellow/orange lower mandibles and lack complete eyerings.
  2. Agreed. Note the green back with bluish wings and blue-green head on the Parula.
  3. I agree with akiley. The Baypoll is difficult to see, but I'm leaning Bay-breasted. Note the longer tail on the Song Sparrow.
  4. The AOS changed the name to Canada Jay last year.
  5. Eastern Phoebe (brown on top, dark sides of upper breast, off-white below, all-black bill, large head, weak wingbars, and weak eyering).
  6. Juvenile House Wrens tend to be a bit darker than the adults and they have noticeable fleshy yellow gape flanges. I don't know when a wren is considered an adult, but we can at least say that your bird is not very young.
  7. The pale greenish-yellow color, dark eyeline with broken eyering, the clear thin and dark streaking, and the thinner beak. Some have more contrasting face patterns and streaking than others (probably has to do with age and sex). Pines are a different shade of yellow, a bit plumper, and longer-tailed and they have blurrier streaking. Its streaking is too clear and dark for a Bay-breasted and it has orange toes as opposed to gray on a Bay-breasted.
  8. Yep, Black-and-white Warbler. The streaking is interesting, isn't it? Maybe it's molting.
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