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  1. I want to say your recording is of a Blue Jay. Keep trying to record calls that come from that direction, though! The bird in the photos sure does look like a large Corvid, and I think I would have called it a raven if I saw it here in the northeast. But I suppose the tail shape could be the result of worn/growing feathers. Your photos aren't bad. Maybe you could try to get some more of the birds at different angles?
  2. It has a smaller amount of color than usual, but it is a male orange/yellow variant House Finch. The noticeably curved culmen (upper ridge of the beak) and the thick dark streaking on the belly rule out Purple Finch. Remember to include the date and location of your sightings.
  3. Type in @ then start typing in the member's username and a list will pop up. Click on whoever you want to tag. Sometimes it can be slow (or it doesn't work at all 🙄)!
  4. Pretty sure there shouldn't be any juvenile cardinals this early in the year. What made it look like a juvenile? Perhaps its feathers were wet or missing? Below is a juvenile Northern Cardinal - they have dark beaks: http://www.tnwatchablewildlife.org/productimages/09041220521174803/6xl.jpg And here are young males molting into adult plumage: https://angelamccain.smugmug.com/Perching-Birds/i-XtCFgqG/A https://undermyappletree.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/cardinal-juvenile_img_4811.jpg https://www.friendsofthewildflowergarden.org/generaljpegs/Seasons/activity/birds/cardinalfledg4vert.jpg
  5. Oops, not all of them were seen two days ago...forgot to edit the post... All were seen within the last four months.
  6. Two days ago in Vermont. Lots of gull flyovers at our place recently. 1. Confirm Ring-billed 2. Confirm Herring 3. 4. I know...horrible photo...
  7. Looks good for a Baltimore. I think adult female is more likely at that time of year, but I don't know for sure.
  8. Yep, American Redstart. I don't know if we can rule out young male, though.
  9. Yep, and it's a female with that brown barred back.
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