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  1. I agree with Swainson's for both of the thrushes.
  2. Looks like an Eastern Wood-Pewee with the long primary projection, larger bill, and lack of an eyering.
  3. Yes. Different species will often use the same thermals.
  4. Pretty sure there is a Red-eyed Vireo plus, as millipede suggested, a Northern Flicker way in the back. And there might be an American Redstart, but it seems to be overlapping with another warbler (possibly Blackburnian?), so it's really hard to hear.
  5. Definitely an adult Cooper's (big, blocky, flat-topped head with dark cap and light nape).
  6. Looks good for a Tennessee Warbler. Lots of them around here today.
  7. The bird on the bottom is a Broad-winged Hawk. I think the top bird looks okay for a young Cooper's.
  8. The first one is a Mourning Dove and the second is a male House Sparrow.
  9. This looks fine for an Eastern Wood-Pewee to me. I've never actually seen an Acadian, but the Acadians in the photos I've seen look much greener with a more prominent eyering and their bodies look less bulky (proportions are different).
  10. Thanks, that's very helpful. It does look like a Yellow-rumped Warbler.
  11. No, too small and not quite the right shape and the color is wrong. Pretty sure it's a warbler...maybe a Yellow-rumped, but the lighting and twigs and leaves in the way are making it difficult to tell if what I'm seeing is a part of the bird or not.
  12. All are correct except #1 which I think is a Least, and #11 which is a Savannah Sparrow.
  13. 1. Agree with Least Flycatcher 2-7, 11. Yellow Warblers 8. Pass 9-10. Warbling Vireos 12. Palm Warbler 13. Willow/Alder Flycatcher
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