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  1. This is NOT a Sharp-shinned or Red-shouldered. Sharpies have different tail patterns, longer tails, and light eyes, and Red-shouldereds have barring on the secondaries among other things. Juvie Gray Hawk is the closest I've found, but I'm not sure at all. Do you have a photo that better shows the tail length?
  2. Could you post the other photo anyway?
  3. Double post. https://forums.whatbird.com/index.php?/topic/5111-vireo/
  4. Those seem like awfully dark cheeks for a Philly Vireo. Maybe a female Black-throated Blue Warbler? Do you have any more photos?
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe some females do have a small amount of red streaking.
  6. Welcome to Whatbird! That is a yellow variant male House Finch. Is he alright?
  7. Next time remember to include the location and date of your sightings to help us out. : )
  8. I wasn't patient enough to wait for my slow internet to load the videos, but I was able to see the thumbnails....and Kerri is correct -- #1 is a juvenile Red-shouldered and #2 is an adult Red-shouldered. Very cool!
  9. Cassin's Finch thirded. Besides bill shape, the face pattern, back pattern, and eyering are much too sharp and contrasting for a House Finch. It also has purple wingbars and little streaking on the flanks which point away from House.
  10. I am thinking American Kestrel as well.
  11. Yes, the larger duck (besides the domestic Muscovy) is a domestic breed of Mallard.
  12. Yep, Downy. The black spots on the tail feathers also support Downy.
  13. 1. Female Black-throated Blue Warbler 2. Swamp Sparrow 3. Looks like a Broad-winged Hawk (no dark patagials) 4. Pass 5. Agree 6. Agree 7. Pass
  14. I vote crow. Bill is shorter, eye is relatively large, head is rounder.
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