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  1. Yeah, that has happened to me and I'm always using a desktop. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't...
  2. Welcome to Whatbird! My first thought was molting male American Goldfinch. If that's not it then I'd like some more information, such as its behavior, the color of its face/head, and the habitat.
  3. I agree with Least Flycatcher. Not a Pewee because of the short primary projection, well-defined white eyering, and compact body.
  4. Bird #1 is a Swainson's with that buffy face. #2 looks like it might also be a Swainson's, but it's difficult to see.
  5. For what it's worth, if I saw that here I'd call it a Merlin. It's not bulky enough and it doesn't have enough light tail bands to be a Peregrine. I don't have any experience with Aplomados, however.
  6. That is what it appears to be. It still has a fleshy yellow gape and the plumage is right for a juvenile.
  7. Yep, Solitary Sandpiper. Yellowlegs have a more mottled pattern on the back instead of white spots on solid brown. They also have brighter yellow legs, a slightly thinner bill, and less prominent eyerings.
  8. I also think it's a juvenile sparrow (based on the thin, blurry streaking), but that's as far as I'd go.
  9. I agree with Least. Yellow-bellied Flycatchers have little contrast between the throat and the head.
  10. The first bird is not a House Sparrow -- its facial markings, especially the malar stripe, are too defined and the wing pattern isn't quite right. I'm inclined to think it's a Clay-colored Sparrow due to the tan color (as opposed to more orange in a Chipping) and face pattern, but a more specific location would help.
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