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  1. Size can be difficult to judge, but White-throats are relatively large sparrows. Were there any familiar birds nearby to compare size to?
  2. The second bird is a Northern Harrier. Not sure on the Accipiter(s). I don't know how to rule out Northern Goshawk.
  3. I can confirm male Red-winged Blackbird. I don't know enough about them to tell whether it's a young one or an adult in nonbreeding plumage, though. I'd just call this a spring male.
  4. Agreed -- 1 is a Veery and 2 is a Wood Thrush.
  5. I agree with akiley -- 1-3 are all House Finches, 4-5 is a Painted Bunting.
  6. No, Blackburnians don't have black throats or thick black streaking on the sides.
  7. 1. Magnolia Warbler 2. Black-throated Green Warbler 3. Nashville Warbler 4. Scarlet Tanager 5. Nashville Warbler 6. Black-throated Blue Warbler 7-9. Northern Parula
  8. I think it looks good for a young Broad-winged with the compact body, white supercilium, lack of barring on the secondaries, and the sparse streaking on the breast.
  9. Pine Siskin is correct. The streaking (on its belly, head, and back) is much too bold and the beak too thin at the tip for a House Finch. Female Pine Siskins don't have much, if any, yellow in the wings.
  10. Those are Blue-headed Vireos. Note the wingbars and yellow-green color on the flanks, wings, and tail. Also, Blue-gray Gnatcatchers have thinner beaks, longer tails, thinner eyerings with no "bridge", blue-gray backs, and gray wings.
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