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  1. I'd call it a House Wren based on the even brown color with faint thin barring.
  2. Looks like a yellow Palm Warbler to me.
  3. Yes, Hermit Thrush. Thrashers have wing bars, spots on the flanks, much longer tails, and yellow eyes.
  4. I agree with HamRHead. Learn the Common Yellowthroat's song and maybe you'll understand why they're called common. 😃 I've even heard Common Yellowthroats singing in the city (okay, Vermont doesn't really have real cities, but...).
  5. I agree with Cape May. Not sure about age or sex.
  6. The second looks like a young Broad-winged to me with that tail pattern, the four short wing fingers, and the stubby wings. I also think I see a hint of a belly band (but no dark patagials) which is good for Broad-winged. I don't think the first one is identifiable.
  7. Yep, that is the way I do it most of the time. I think I read somewhere that the sharpest point is the center focus point, so it's best to use that anyway.
  8. I think you have both. I'd say the bird in photos #1, #6, and at the far left of the rest is a Greater Yellowlegs. The others are Lessers -- they are smaller with shorter bills and they have less-extensive barring on the flanks.
  9. I also agree with Hermit Thrush. The tail is redder than the back, although it's not very obvious in poor lighting. And colors in photos often get washed out at higher ISOs.
  10. Being a fine artist as well as a photographer, I've figured out where I think subjects look best in a composition. Most of the time my favorite pieces are composed using the "Rule of Thirds". I suggest you look it up if you are interested in learning how to compose photos (and other artwork).
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