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  1. @MichaelLong Would you like to choose the winner? It's been two weeks which I think is a good deadline for these challenges (same as TBN Photo Challenge).
  2. Is the prey an American Pipit? That should give an idea of size. Golden Eagles are huge. Thanks for spelling the bird's name correctly.
  3. Rose-breasted Grosbeaks also have paler pink bills and gray feet as opposed to pinkish in PUFIs.
  4. All are Red-tailed Hawks. Note the dark patagial bars in the first photo, red tail in the second, and the pale eyes and super thin dark tail bands in the third.
  5. This thread might be helpful. https://forums.whatbird.com/index.php?/topic/14478-good-cameras-for-birds/
  6. 1. Pied-billed Grebe 2. Ring-necked Duck on the left and I think a Lesser Scaup on the right 3. Gadwall 4-5. Ring-necked Ducks
  7. The first looks good for an immature male Indigo Bunting. The yellow underneath is a reflection. The second bird is a Brown-headed Cowbird.
  8. Notice that the spots are shaped like chevrons or arrows - a useful feature to differentiate Foxes from Songs.
  9. The yellow you are seeing is not on the rump (which on the top of the bird), but on the undertail coverts. I agree with Palm.
  10. That's what I would do....or not report it at all and wait to see if it comes back.
  11. I think Black-and-white Warbler is a good possibility since it sounds like it was just sitting on the platform and not eating seeds.
  12. Sorry, just a couple more questions to narrow down the options: Did you see it eating sunflower seeds? Was its posture more vertical (like a goldfinch) or horizontal (like a chickadee)?
  13. Where was the striping? On the breast, head, back, wings, or all of the above?
  14. Where was the striping on the bird and was it horizontal or vertical? Also, what was its behavior (staying on the feeder while it ate, frequently flying to and from the feeder, climbing on or clinging upside down on the feeder, etc.)?
  15. Fantastic @sbruenjes! You get to choose the next photo challenge!
  16. To be honest, I thought American Dipper for a split second, too. The shape is surprisingly similar!
  17. It's a Rusty Blackbird. I think someone's monitor needs to be brightened a bit. :)
  18. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought gray cheeks eliminated Sharpie and meant that it was a male Cooper's. My first impression was actually small Coop and I don't really see a dark nape.
  19. Browner/peachier color and larger eyes point to American.
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