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  1. The small size, long tail with even black and gray bands, gray back, and dark cap make it an Accipiter and the pale nape and blocky, flat-topped head make it a Cooper's Hawk.
  2. Looks like a Song Sparrow (rich brown mixed with gray coloration).
  3. It is a Red-winged Blackbird, a female or juvenile. Note the large, pointed bill, the dense dark streaking, and the small head in proportion to the body.
  4. The first bird is an Eastern Phoebe. Note the upright posture, brownish-gray color with a darker head, lack of a face pattern, relatively large head, and its behavior (sitting relatively still). The second bird is indeed a Black-and-white Warbler.
  5. Definitely a young Sharp-shinned (small round head, pale supercilium, thin toes, blotchy rufous streaking/barring on the breast).
  6. 1. Buffleheads 2. I see Northern Shovelers. Not sure if there are any other species in there. 3. Northern Pintail, I think 4. Savannah Sparrow 5. Buffleheads 6. Long-tailed Ducks
  7. @Kerri I realize you were only saying that the ducks in the OP's picture have characteristics of the Swedish Blue breed, but I just want to make sure no one thought you were saying they are pure Swedish Blues.
  8. I just wanted to say, unless you know all the breed traits of these domestic breeds, I think it's best not to put a label on them because they could be mixes of domestic breeds or mixes of wild and domestic. The same goes for other animals, like chickens - farmers breed two or more breeds all the time. It's kind of like someone calling my mixed-breed dog a husky just because she has triangular, erect ears and is a domestic dog. Birders tend to try to identify everything to species or breed and I am guilty of this.
  9. @AlexHenry Good point about the tail. But what about the lack of a split crown? Do some young Savannahs lack the white stripe down the middle? By the way, I agree with Vesper for #2.
  10. Savannah's probably right for the first bird, but something seems off to me. @ausnic44 do you have more photos of bird #1?
  11. No, size looks fine and the straight culmen is good as well. It may look heavier because it has something in its mouth.
  12. I think it looks good for a leucistic American Goldfinch. Cool bird!
  13. 1. Swamp Sparrow 2. Song Sparrow 3. Savannah Sparrow with a House Finch
  14. Swamp Sparrow. Note the orangey wings, gray neck, and buff flanks with minimal streaking.
  15. Red-shouldered Hawk. Note the black (or dark brown in this case) and white barring on the secondaries and tail, and the dark eyes. Red-taileds have shorter tails and lack the bold tail and wing patterns. Cooper's have longer tails with wider gray or brown bands, yellow to red eyes, and they also lack the bold wing pattern. Edit: AlexHenry's correct. Took me a while to type this!
  16. I don't think they meant Prairie Falcon. I believe they're talking about the Prairie subspecies of Merlin.
  17. I agree with akandula, this is a young Red-shouldered.
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