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  1. Other flycatchers can have brownish wingbars (and an all-dark bill, as you mentioned) when they're young, but the muted brown upperparts is distinctive. The eyering is brownish which makes me think it's the orbital ring and not an eyering. I could be wrong about that, though.
  2. Duplicate post. https://forums.whatbird.com/index.php?/topic/11981-need-held-iding-this-bird/
  3. A photo of the bird's entire body would help immensely.
  4. Young cardinals are similar to adult females. The red feathers coming in on its breast/belly makes this a young male molting into adult plumage.
  5. I'd call it a juvenile House Sparrow. Can't tell if it's a female or male at that age.
  6. That is a Red-tailed Hawk. The band of streaks across the belly and the mostly unmarked upper breast are good ID features. This one is a juvenile.
  7. I could go with young Common Yellowthroat.
  8. I don't see a Nashville here. Appears to be a juvenile, and I think it looks more like a Mourning Warbler.
  9. Eastern Wood-Pewee with the super long primary projection and almost non-existent eyering.
  10. No, proportions and beak shape are wrong for a warbler. This is definitely an oriole.
  11. I agree with oriole (pointed, blackbird bill), but isn't it too yellow for a Baltimore? Why not Orchard?
  12. I'm leaning young Swamp, but I'm finding it difficult to explain why. Do you have another photo? What was the habitat?
  13. The yellowish wash on the face and breast and the messier streaking make this a young Savannah, right?
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