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  1. I don't think so. Lincoln's Sparrows have buffy malars and blue-gray superciliums and lack yellowish supralorals. The last bird looks like a Swamp and I'm thinking Swamp for the second to last bird as well.
  2. 1. Yes, Palm Warbler 2. European Starling is correct. Not sure about the other bird. 3. Looks like a Song Sparrow with the more muted brown tones 4. Yes, Merlin. Congrats! 5. Tail shape and pattern and back pattern say Northern Flicker to me.
  3. Yes, I can see them now. They are House Wrens.
  4. Facial pattern is too bold for a Blackpoll or Cape May. The dark stripes on the face, overall brown color, and undertail pattern make me think this is a Palm Warbler.
  5. Pointy beak, yellow-olive color (including undertail coverts), no wingbars, weak supercilium, weak eyering, and weak eyeline - Orange-crowned Warbler.
  6. The beak is way too wide for a thrush. I'm quite sure this is a Rose-breasted Grosbeak.
  7. It's not a vireo due to the orange feet, white tail spots, and streaking on the flanks. I think this is a Pine Warbler.
  8. Looks fine for an Eastern Wood-Pewee to me, too.
  9. House Finches don't have light superciliums. It looks more like a Cassin's Finch to me, but it's difficult to see.
  10. Okay, thanks. I can't think of anything else they can be other than just long, skinny robins with possibly a leucistic individual in there. American Robins have white undertail coverts, broken white eyerings, and orange breasts and they can be brownish above and, like all birds, can stretch themselves out and flatten their feathers to look long and skinny. The only thing that does not seem right for robin is pecking at the ground, but you didn't say whether they were doing that constantly or not. My other options were: European Starlings (juveniles) Red-winged Blackbirds (females or juveniles) Eastern Bluebirds (females of juveniles) All of these gather in numbers on lawns, but they all don't quite fit your description.
  11. Not sure what mammals you have over there, but it sounds like an Eastern Chipmunk.
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