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  1. Actually, looking at it again, this might be one of the "Purple" subspecies of Common Grackle...I think you should wait for someone who has actually seen Boat-taileds to ID this one.
  2. The beak's too large for a Rusty Blackbird. I think it's a Boat-tailed Grackle that lost its tail.
  3. First album: 1, 4. American Redstarts 2, 3. Wilson's Warbler 5. Northern Parula 6-10. Baltimore Orioles 11,12. Immature male Orchard Oriole (molting into adult plumage, I assume) Second album: 6. Red-winged Blackbird
  4. Broad-winged Hawk, right? Seen in Vermont a few days ago.
  5. Looks like a Pine Warbler. The beak's too thin and pink for a vireo.
  6. The second looks like a Northern Parula. Yellow-throated Vireos have thicker, darker beaks and lack the faint streaking on the breast as well as the blue tones in the face. I think you're correct on the first bird.
  7. Sorry, I would've given you some ID points if I wasn't so bad at explaining! What I usually look at is the compact shape and the muted reddish-brown barring on the breast and belly (on adults). They also have a pretty unique face, but I can't explain why. Eastern Red-taileds are bulkier and have a band of vertical streaks across the belly with a white breast. Red-shouldered Hawks have black and white checkered patterns on the wings, lighter heads, and orange barring on the breast and belly.
  8. Scarlet Tanager (beak shape rules out oriole). Could be an immature.
  9. I think #1 is a juvenile Savannah. Agree with White-crowned for the last two.
  10. Young Red-bellied Woodpecker, actually. Hairy Woodpeckers have a lot more black on the back, wings, and head, even when they're young.
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