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  1. The bird beside the dowitcher is a Yellowlegs, I think Lesser.
  2. It is an American Robin. Maybe it has a deformed bill or maybe the camera distorted the image.
  3. Good catch. The streaking on the shoulder and back do point to Bay-breasted.
  4. Juvenile sparrows are difficult, but I think this is more likely a young Song Sparrow.
  5. I think there's a pretty slim chance the light would hit right where both the yellow wing and tail patches are supposed to be on a redstart. The light wouldn't turn a dark tail bright yellow anyway.
  6. Here's what we see: 1. Cape May Warbler 2. Eastern Wood-Pewee 3. White-throated Sparrow 4. American Redstart 5. Warbling Vireo 6. Pine Warbler 7. Cape May Warbler
  7. Welcome to the forum! You are correct, it's a female Northern Cardinal. Cardinals are known to fight with their own reflections.
  8. Definitely a Red-tailed Hawk, an adult with the red tail and dark eyes. The band of streaks across the belly is also a good ID mark.
  9. Not a Savannah Sparrow (bill's too big for one thing). I don't have experience with Henslow's, but it looks like a Henslow's to me.
  10. I agree with Lesser and Greater for the left and middle birds. But the one in the back looks like a Lesser to me - proportions, plumage, and bill length seem to match the Lesser in the front better.
  11. Cinnamon Teals have smaller gray bills. I think this is a Mallard...maybe with some domestic ancestry?
  12. Sounds like a Groundhog, a.k.a Woodchuck or Whistle pig. ?
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