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  1. Agreed. Also note the dark eyes, thicker bill, and the lack of any rufous or green colors.
  2. 1. Looks like a warbler of some sort. Young Chestnut-sided? I'm not sure. 2. It has brown spots instead of black streaks, so it's not an Ovenbird. It looks like a Swainson's Thrush to me, but I don't know if we can rule out other thrushes. 3. Yes, looks like a Palm 4. Pine Warbler
  3. Dull Blackburnians have two thinner wingbars, gray cheek/auricular patches, sparser streaking on the flanks, and less yellow underneath and they lack the dark eyeline and the yellow rump.
  4. I agree.... 1. Magnolia Warbler 2. Wilson's Warbler 3. Northern Parula
  5. Agreed. Just to be clear, both sparrows in the last photo are White-crowneds.
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