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  1. Too orange for an Orchard - it's a Baltimore Oriole. Don't know if we can tell if it's an adult female or juvenile from these photos, though.
  2. Agree with Common Yellowthroat for 1 and 2. And I think House Marsh Wren for 3.
  3. Yes, a rather pale one. The streaked belly band is still visible, though.
  4. Appears to be a Great Crested Flycatcher.
  5. Black-throated Blue is my impression as well.
  6. All seen today on Plum Island, MA. Common or Forster's? Young Saltmarsh Sparrow? And these are Green-winged Teals, right?
  7. I'd go with Cooper's based on shape and streaking pattern.
  8. All look like Song Sparrows except for #2 which appears to be a juvenile Swamp Sparrow.
  9. The visible yellow gape (at the corner of the beak) also means it's a juvenile.
  10. Agree, Red-shouldered. The black and white pattern on the wings plus the orange barring on the breast and belly are good ID marks.
  11. Common Yellowthroat, I think a young male.
  12. It's a flycatcher, possibly a young Eastern Phoebe.
  13. Eclipse male Mallards. American Black Ducks don't have the white in the tail.
  14. 1. Rose-breasted Grosbeak, actually 2. Chipping Sparrow is correct 3. Juvenile Chipping Sparrow
  15. Finches and buntings love Nyjer (but it has to be fresh!) and both grosbeaks and finches like black oil sunflower seed. BOSS is the way to go if you want to attract the widest variety of birds using one type of birdseed.
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