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  1. Agreed. Just to be clear, both sparrows in the last photo are White-crowneds.
  2. Aren't there some peeps in there as well (two on the far left and one in the middle in the last photo)?
  3. I think it's a Chipping Sparrow with the dark lores and the more orange-brown color.
  4. I agree with MerMaeve that the scoters look more like Black Scoters and the last bird looks like a Blackpoll Warbler. #3 also looks like a Blackpoll and #4 might be a young gull...
  5. 1. Pine Warbler 2. Cape May Warbler (notice orange cheeks) 3. Blackpoll Warbler 4. Semipalmated Sandpipers 5. Great Black-backed Gull, I think
  6. Congratulations! Yes, plus a thinner beak. And usually buffier malars, flanks and breast and bluer superciliums.
  7. I don't think so. Lincoln's Sparrows have buffy malars and blue-gray superciliums and lack yellowish supralorals. The last bird looks like a Swamp and I'm thinking Swamp for the second to last bird as well.
  8. 1. Yes, Palm Warbler 2. European Starling is correct. Not sure about the other bird. 3. Looks like a Song Sparrow with the more muted brown tones 4. Yes, Merlin. Congrats! 5. Tail shape and pattern and back pattern say Northern Flicker to me.
  9. Yes, I can see them now. They are House Wrens.
  10. Facial pattern is too bold for a Blackpoll or Cape May. The dark stripes on the face, overall brown color, and undertail pattern make me think this is a Palm Warbler.
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