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  1. Sometimes younger birds appear larger than the adults and I think the reason is youngsters tend to be fluffier.
  2. Location would be helpful. They appear to be immature Northern Cardinals; they have darker bills than the adults and often show no crest.
  3. It's mainly the compact shape and dark breast that make me think phoebe.
  4. I wanted to suggest one more thing before you publish this. To make the post stand out more you can add a tag to the title. I believe this is done by typing in a tag (maybe PLEASE READ! or something like that) in the tags box below the title box then selecting that tag in the Item prefix drop down menu.
  5. With the very long primaries, dark vest, faint wingbars, and lack of an eyering, this is a Wood-Pewee, I think Western by range.
  6. Not a hawk - it's a young Peregrine Falcon!
  7. Yes, a Broad-winged (short tail with wide dark and light bands, muted rufous barring on breast and belly).
  8. Welcome to the forum! Looks good for a Bobolink! I'm not sure if it's an adult female or juvenile, though.
  9. Yes, I think they're both female Brown-headed Cowbirds.
  10. Ignore my previous post about the link issue then. Maybe it has been fixed or maybe it just happens every once in a while. ?
  11. Okay, I'll try it: https://www.flickr.com/photos/birdnuts/ Hmm, it worked!
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