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  1. This is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Note the wingbars and yellow/green color in the wings bordered in black, the wide, broken eyering, and the tiny beak.
  2. House Wren from yesterday. House Wren by The Bird Nuts, on Flickr
  3. This is a Buteo, and with the short tail and lack of barring on the secondaries, I think this is a young Broad-winged Hawk. There are no Sparrowhawks in the U.S. I think the American Kestrel used to be known as the Sparrow Hawk, but they are falcons and not hawks.
  4. Agree with all being Blackpoll Warblers. Also note the streaking on the back which Pine Warblers lack.
  5. @Robert Nelson do you have any more photos of this bird?
  6. Blackburnians don't have that dense of streaking on the breast and their facial patterns are more distinct with a light supercilium. This is a Cape May Warbler.
  7. Eastern Wood-Pewee. The extremely long primary projection is a good field mark.
  8. You're correct, it's a Magnolia. Northern Parulas do not have yellow bellies and they lack the two black streaks on the flanks.
  9. Looks good for a Purple Finch to me with the purple in the wings and lack of brown streaking on the flanks.
  10. The second is a Blackpoll and I think the others might be as well.
  11. View from Snake Mountain, Addison, VT.
  12. I would expect to see an eyering on a Yellow-bellied. How about Eastern Wood-Pewee?
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