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  1. Cooper's Hawk with the light nape and blocky, flat-topped head (and gray cheeks which makes it a male).
  2. I'm thinking this is a fledgling Red-winged Blackbird that hasn't grown feathers on its face yet. Like this: https://www.flickr.com/photos/feltonphoto/7324816742
  3. Oh, sorry about that, I thought you needed help narrowing it down since you didn't say what you thought it was in the post. ?
  4. It's an Empid. Hopefully someone with some western flycatcher experience can tell you which one it is.
  5. Before I listened to the recording, when I read "but it seems it is something else that shares the same habitat" I immediately thought Field Sparrow. Sure enough it is the Field Sparrow's bouncing ball song. ?
  6. Yes, no stripes as in malar stripes and they also lack the streaking on the breast and flanks. Savannahs are not as boldly patterned above - they are a more uniform brown color on the face and wings.
  7. Yeah, that's good. Although Sharpies have the same color cap and nape, but I get why you wrote head instead.
  8. Cooper's with the dark cap that contrasts with the light nape, long head projection, and shorter outer tail feathers.
  9. I think it's a Western Wood-Pewee (large beak, long wings, no eyering).
  10. There is a dot (or star if you've posted in that thread) at the left of the topic title that brings you to the first unread post in that thread.
  11. I don't think it sounds like a Ruby-crowned Kinglet - they make more of a "ch-cha ch-cha" sound. They shouldn't be in Texas right now anyway (assuming this was heard recently).
  12. This appears to be a juvenile Savannah Sparrow. Field Sparrows have very plain gray faces, lighter orange caps, longer tails, and no streaking on the flanks.
  13. Cool! Thanks! I was pretty certain, but I wanted to rule out a mimic somehow.
  14. @Administrator I noticed that after a rather short period of time we are not able to edit our posts. It would be great if that could be changed, maybe remove the edit option after a few hours or days rather than minutes or make it so we can always edit our posts like before.
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