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  1. Agree with House Finch. Also note the curved culmen (upper ridge of the beak).
  2. Looks like a Red-winged to me with that pale bar across the shoulder.
  3. To add to Mark5's list: The Eastern Wood-Pewee looks to be a vireo of some sort (I think Warbling, but I'm not sure) and the White-eyed Vireo is another American Redstart.
  4. The repetitive call throughout the video is an American Goldfinch.
  5. It's a photo of a photo. The date and location are probably incorrect.
  6. The dark breast spot is not a reliable ID mark as some Song Sparrows lack the spot and other sparrow species can have it.
  7. I agree with Black-capped Chickadee. Appears to be an adult.
  8. I think it looks fine for a young Common, proportion- and plumage-wise. Always remember to include location. :)
  9. The only reliable way to differentiate Fish and American Crows (other than by length of certain primaries in flight) is by voice.
  10. Both are Mallards. The one on the right is a male (note the yellow bill) and the one on the left is a female/immature.
  11. Paying attention to bird behavior is a big part of birding. I'd take a guess that this bird was wagging its tail up and down, something an Eastern Kingbird wouldn't do.
  12. Then Carolina Wren it is! They are such cute, comical birds.
  13. Carolina Wrens are known for roosting in the corners of buildings with their back feathers puffed out like this. Remember to include location so we can rule out other species.
  14. Thinking Painted Bunting for #2 and I can confirm Yellow Warbler for #3.
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