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  1. Yes, Red-tails with those red tails. :) The dark patagial bars (shoulder areas) and the band of streaks around the belly are also good field marks.
  2. That is a Green Heron with its neck stretched way out. :)
  3. The wingbars on the last bird eliminates Wood Thrush. It's a juvenile Brown Thrasher (which have dark eyes).
  4. From a couple days ago - Mourning Dove carrying nesting material: And a Cedar Waxwing:
  5. I think a lot of us would like to have signatures enabled as well.
  6. It says I have to sign in to see these photos (and I don't have a Facebook account). I can see the photos in your other posts.
  7. Number 3 is an Eastern Wood-Pewee (notice the greener color, orange lower mandible, larger bill, and longer primaries) and the rest are Eastern Phoebes.
  8. An American Tree Sparrow in late May would be unusual.
  9. All are Song Sparrows except #2 which is a Swamp Sparrow.
  10. We're thinking young molting Broad-winged, but would appreciate confirmation or correction.
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