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  1. I'm not sure, but with the amount of barring on the wings, I'm leaning juvenile.
  2. Brown head and back, weak wingbars, black beak - Eastern Phoebe. Eastern Wood-Pewees are greener/grayer with longer primary projection and stronger wingbars.
  3. 1. Common Nighthawk (note white bars near wingtips) 2. Merlin
  4. Did it look like this? http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-laD82GywYyQ/UMCUAF2lyxI/AAAAAAAAASQ/dF0pZApbw9g/s1600/SE124997RBGR-nicest-2.jpg
  5. All dark feet, buffy flanks, soft streaking - looks like a Bay-breasted Warbler.
  6. Yes, Magnolia Warbler. That tail pattern is distinctive.
  7. I'm pretty sure no Pine has yellow/green in the wings. The short tail, thin wingbars, and small-eyed look also make me think Cape May.
  8. Broad-wingeds have shorter tails with different tail patterns (fewer wider tail bands as adults and more thinner tail bands as juveniles). This is an Accipiter and I'm leaning Cooper's.
  9. @Lacomo If you repost the photo, others can confirm or correct the ID. I'm not always right. ?
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