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  1. Common Yellowthroat, I think a young male.
  2. It's a flycatcher, possibly a young Eastern Phoebe.
  3. Eclipse male Mallards. American Black Ducks don't have the white in the tail.
  4. 1. Rose-breasted Grosbeak, actually 2. Chipping Sparrow is correct 3. Juvenile Chipping Sparrow
  5. Finches and buntings love Nyjer (but it has to be fresh!) and both grosbeaks and finches like black oil sunflower seed. BOSS is the way to go if you want to attract the widest variety of birds using one type of birdseed.
  6. Thanks! That is a very tame White-breasted Nuthatch we call "Bugg". ?
  7. Okay, I shouldn't say they don't eat seeds; some warblers are known to eat seeds when they are extremely hungry. Suet, especially in the winter, might attract them. Just remember to use no-melt suet if you want to feed suet during the warmer months.
  8. Black-billed Cuckoo? I'd say upload the photos anyway; they might just be good enough.
  9. None. Those birds do not eat seeds. All eat insects (mealworms might attract them) and tanagers will eat berries.
  10. Another free program I haven't used much is Paint.NET which, I am told, is easy to use (probably much easier to use than RawTherapee).
  11. I also agree with Black-crowned Night-Heron. The streaks on the breast are wet feathers.
  12. I mainly use: Microsoft Digital Image Suite Anniversary Edition (very old, but very easy to use), but it looks like it's only available on eBay now (I wouldn't download it!). And RawTherapee, a free open-source program which can edit RAW and non-RAW photos. I think GIMP is similar, but I haven't used that much.
  13. I was just suggesting lightening photos if you are having trouble identifying a bird. I could already see the bird well enough. ?
  14. It helps a lot to lighten photos like this. Do you have a photo editing program?
  15. Yeah, Bird Nut #2 told me he thought he remembered you (ejpete) get Savannahs at your feeder, so that wouldn't be unusual. It would be unusual for us, though.
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