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  1. Sorry, because the numbers were incorrect, I was just numbering my reply based on the number of photos and not the different birds. Could you change that for me (3a and 3b is a Blue-headed Vireo), so it doesn't confuse more people? Thanks!
  2. It's a Bay-breasted/Blackpoll. Leaning Blackpoll because I don't see any peach color on the flanks and the breast streaks seem fairly dark.
  3. 1. Nashville Warbler 2. House Finch 3a and 3b. Blue-headed Vireo 4. Warbler sp. 5. Song Sparrow
  4. It is a Solitary. Spotted Sandpipers don't have spots on their backs.
  5. I think the last bird is also a Pine. I agree that the first bird is a Cape May.
  6. Eastern Wood-Pewee (no eyering, large bill, gray vest and spot on undertail coverts).
  7. That is up to you; there are no rules except for the ones you make for yourself. But I (and I believe most birders) count birds that I see from my property even if the birds are not on it or are flying over. I will also count birds I see that are on my property even if I am not on the property. Some birders count birds on their yard/life lists that they've only heard while others (like me) only count birds they've seen.
  8. 1, 3. Eastern Phoebe (larger head than pewee) 2. Red-shouldered Hawk (the combination of orange barring on the belly and black and white on the wings and tail is distinctive) 4. Pine Warbler (distinct wingbars, no long supercilium)
  9. Thanks for the kind words, Kevin and Jodi. Yes, I painted that. I have to give the client some credit - they took a good reference photo.
  10. Yep, Palm Warblers (weak wingbars, long supercilia, yellow undertail coverts). This time of year they are probably fighting/chasing each other over a food source.
  11. It's goose hunting season, right? Maybe somebody shot it.
  12. Does this count? I painted a redstart in 2016.
  13. Okay, I thought it had too much red on the breast for a Red-naped. Sorry about that.
  14. No, definitely not. Yellow-bellieds don't have red on the nape or on the breast (and neither do Red-naped) and they have a thick black border around the throat.
  15. 1-3. Pine Warblers 4. Hard to tell, but I'm leaning Bay-breasted
  16. You guys are already two challenges ahead and here I am just coming back inside from taking photos of the Vermont state bird! At least I beat @Avery.
  17. Yep, raining all day tomorrow here, too... Aw maan! 🙁
  18. Ooh, ooh! I might be able to do that! Good one!
  19. Here's the checklist: https://ebird.org/checklist/S74850590
  20. I don't think the face pattern is distinct enough for a Red Fox Sparrow. Not that I know much about subspecies, but it just doesn't look like the ones we get here in the northeast.
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