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  1. Traill's was my impression; more elongated body than a Least. Traill's has two L's, by the way.
  2. It is until you see the same rare bird in the same place day after day...and you have to write in details or take a photo of it every single time...😣 😆
  3. Orchard Oriole was my impression as well. The photo is probably not good enough to report it, though.
  4. Welcome to the forum! Yes, that is a juvenile Common Grackle.
  5. Orange-crowned Warbler seconded. Also note the lack of wingbars and the thin bill.
  6. 1. Juvenile Dark-eyed Junco 2-3. Great Crested Flycatcher 4. Eastern Phoebe (brown upperparts, no eyering or wingbars) 5. Either a Broad-winged or a Red-shouldered. Leaning Broad-winged due to the darker brown upperparts and minimal streaking in the center of the breast. 6. Wood Thrush
  7. Maybe it was a male Northern Cardinal that had lost all of its head feathers (which is common). Google "Bald Northern Cardinal".
  8. I don't see any other birds! Just an Osprey.
  9. I agree with @akandula that it looks like a warbler, and the yellow color and long legs and tail suggest Common Yellowthroat. I'm not completely sure it's a Yellowthroat, but I'm sure it's not a robin.
  10. Those are juvenile Eastern Bluebirds. You were close, bluebirds are in the thrush family.
  11. Whoops, you're right. I did not notice it was seen in Washington.
  12. I'll suggest Eastern Phoebe, which is a flycatcher with a long tail with yellowish underparts.
  13. Savannah Sparrow (thin pink bill, yellow supraloral). EDIT: slow internet...
  14. Ah, glad you could get an answer! I am not familiar with Hooded Warbler songs.
  15. Definitely not a Common Yellowthroat. How about Northern Waterthrush? I think the lower tone and ending is much better for that than a Canada.
  16. Do you also have a longer recording of this one? I'm really not sure what it is. I first thought Canada Warbler as well because of the chip at the start, but the rest doesn't sound very warbler-like to me.
  17. I agree with juvenile Brown-headed Cowbird.
  18. Thanks, that recording is more helpful. I do think it's an Eastern Towhee.
  19. Agree with Eastern Phoebe. Also note the brown (instead of green or gray) upperparts and long tail.
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