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  1. I like that idea, too! Although I think it should be weekly instead of daily, since some people aren't on every day and they'll miss their chance to share their photo of a particular bird.
  2. And birds eating anything that was directly offered to them by humans.
  3. Agreed. Such beautiful colors in those photos!
  4. 1-2. Lincoln's Sparrow (gray supercilia, thin streaking on buff flanks, redder wings and longer tail than Savannah) 3-4. Yes, Swamp Sparrow (no streaking, reddish wings)
  5. I didn't mention that because sometimes they don't have obvious yellow on the bill. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/241966021 But, yes, they usually have yellow on the beak, and it's a good identifier.
  6. It could be a young male. The males don't get their purple color until the next year.
  7. Eeeww! That's funny, I was just playing fetch with my dog a minute ago and the ball got "lost" behind the dustpan and she didn't know how to get to it.
  8. Wow, very cool flocks there! I'm out of reactions..... Okay, what's the next challenge?
  9. I was thinking that, too. I was going by it's bulkiness, bulging secondaries, dense streaking, and many tail bands. Is there anything else that points to goshawk? Trying to learn as I've never seen a young one.
  10. Yay!! Congrats @Avery! I just read through the finch forecast yesterday and was excited to see that the EVGRs were going to be on the move this winter.
  11. Really?! Were you able to get a photo?
  12. It is a Song Sparrow. Fox Sparrows have wider bases to their bills and slightly different face patterns.
  13. What's your definition of a "flock"? At least 5 birds? 10?
  14. Yes, because it's migration season, but apparently they do breed in SC.
  15. Its wingtips are not yellow, it's the base of the tail. That makes it an American Redstart.
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