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  1. Dark eye and tail pattern (thin white bands) rule out Sharpie and Cooper's. This is indeed a Merlin.
  2. Female Black-throated Blue Warbler. Note the white triangle on the wing.
  3. If you think you can get it within two weeks, then that's fine.
  4. That's great! You get to choose the next challenge!
  5. Awesome, @MichaelLong! Was that photo taken today?
  6. Young ones don't have red on their faces, but they do have eyerings, so it's probably not a pure Muscovy. Muscovy X Mallard seems reasonable to me, though.
  7. Oh, yes! Thanks! I thought the bird was turning its head to the left and the pinkish stuff behind the bird was its beak. How weird!
  8. Isn't the bird in the last photo a Dark-eyed Junco? I don't think the two birds in the last two photos are the same bird.
  9. Absolutely a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.
  10. Isn't that coloration and the green iridescence more fitting for a domestic Muscovy?
  11. 1. Pass 2. Lesser Goldfinch 3. Yellow-rumped Warbler 4. Western Bluebird
  12. That is a Sharp-shinned. The forehead is very steep, the head is rounded, it has a pale supercilium, it has a bug-eyed appearance, and the tail feathers are all just about the same length.
  13. Purple Finch and Pine Siskins. EDIT: I agree with Connor!
  14. Those are Great Horned Owls. Nice recording!
  15. Thanks. The bird on top should be a Rose-breasted Grosbeak then. I'm not sure what the bird underneath it is though. Maybe a House Sparrow?
  16. Agree with Cooper's. Also note the blocky-, flat-headed appearance with the eyes toward the front of the head.
  17. Yes, thank you, that is very helpful! I agree with Northern Mockingbird and House Finch.
  18. If you have a photo editing program (or even something like Microsoft Paint), you can crop the original photos (not off this website because it compresses them).
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