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  1. Location and date? This looks like a Harrier species (white rump, gray body, flat face/head, long tail, flying low over field), but we need to know where you saw it to be able to tell you which species it is.
  2. All of them look like Mallards that have some domestic ancestry.
  3. National Geographic also says adult Hermit Thrushes have "cinnamon greater coverts tips in fresh plumage." https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/birds/h/hermit-thrush/
  4. Looks fine for a Hermit. I'm not completely sure, but I think they have those pale tips to the wing coverts in fresh plumage and they eventually get worn down.
  5. Yellow-throated Warbler. EDIT: I agree with Kevin.
  6. Looks like a juvenile Red-shouldered or Broad-winged Hawk. I'm leaning Red-shouldered because of the evenly-spaced, relatively fine streaking on the breast and the less compact body. A photo of its wings would help. Edit: akandula beat me! Glad we agree. 🙂
  7. Nice! Field Sparrows are adorable. Just look at the guy in our profile picture!
  8. Field Sparrow. Note the rather plain face, white eyering, orange crown and partial eyeline, and pink beak.
  9. I agree with akandula. Male House Finches can be yellow, orange, or red.
  10. Yes, the Sharpie in photo #1 is an adult and the one in photo #3 is a juvenile.
  11. 1, 3.Sharp-shinned Hawks 2. Cooper's Hawk 4. Looks like a young Peregrine Falcon
  12. Young Red-tailed Hawk (bulky build, short brown tail with thin dark bands, no pale barring on secondaries).
  13. Welcome, TobyY! You'll need to upload your photo(s) to the forum in order for us to see them. You can do this by clicking "choose files..." at the bottom left of the comment box.
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