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  1. It won't bother them at all, as long as you do it when the adults aren't in the nest.  I've done it several times for both Chickadees and Brown headed Nuthatches.  I assume you are only going to change the entrance to 1 1/4"?  That's what I've done, and it should keep the bigger birds out.

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  2. So, a series of surprises.  The first surprise was that we had a third nest built this year.  Last year there were only two.  The second surprise was there were only three eggs laid, each previous nest had five.  I guess the final surprise is that only one of the eggs hatched.  Seems like a lot of work for one baby, but if they can put another Bluebird into the world, I say it's worth it.



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  3. I know I'm late to this topic, but thought I would offer some insight.  First, Chickadees tend to only have one brood per year.  Timing would follow along the lines of:  6-7 eggs laying one per day until brood is complete.  Incubation is approximately 13 days until hatch, and then 16 days until fledge.  Adding that up you have a minimum of 6 days for egg laying + 13 days for incubation + 16 days until fledge = 35 days from first egg to fledge.  Any nest activity  you  saw in April would more than likely be the same nest activity you are seeing early May.

  4. 21 hours ago, ruthcatrin said:

    Question for you all.

    I've been busy as helll, and haven't been able to keep a close eye on the Bluebirds this year.  I  noticed back on 6/6 that there were 5 eggs in the nest:



    And on 6/8 that one of the eggs had hatched:



    I checked it again today expecting to have all the eggs hatched, or maybe one left, and found that only two had hatched:



    Should I be concerned?  This seems like a fairly large gap between hatching times.  For reference, I'm in Upstate Ny, and we have had a fairly chilly spring.

    Because songbirds don't start incubating until all eggs are laid (unlike raptors for instance) all eggs should hatch within a 24 hour period.  I would take from this that only two are going to hatch.

  5. Looks like we will have a 3rd clutch this year.  Surprised that it's only going to be 3.  I haven't experienced that before.  Checked on Monday and there were two eggs, so waited until Thursday to check again.  Only 3.  Definitely better than nothing, and first time for a third one here in hot lower Alabama.



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  6. Haha!  Smart little birds they are.  I have found by watching that most egg laying takes place early in the morning.  Not always, but for the most part.  Since they don't incubate until the last egg is laid, there really wouldn't be a need for her to be around during the day once she has done her "business".  Congrats!

  7. I am by no means an expert, but I have watched Bluebirds for several years.  I would not be too quick about removing a nest.  Are you able to observe the box during the day to see if she is around?  It is possible something happened to one of them.  From what I have observed, Bluebirds will take a territory and wouldn't be quick to give it up.  Patience is the key, as well as observation.  Meanwhile, we have 5 eggs here and are on hatch watch for Monday.  Been in the 70's all week, and predicted to stay that way, so she isn't spending a ton of time on the eggs except at night.

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