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  1. My first nest fledged on May 1, and by the 12th I had a new nest (different box) and 3 eggs. She ended up laying 5. It’s already SO HOT here in Southern Alabama, don’t know how she does it. I’m wondering if she’ll go for a third nest in these temps. Guess only time will tell.
  2. A couple of years ago, my 3 bluebird boxes were all used at the same time. One had a pair of bluebirds, another had chickadees and the third one was brown-headed nuthatches. The one and only time all boxes were used. I've had chickadees nest in them before, but that was a first for the nuthatches.
  3. My inept id skills tell me Loggerhead Shrike. Am I correct? Today in Lower Alabama. Thanks!
  4. I know this photo is bad, horrible lighting conditions today. Can anyone help me with what these are? Thanks from Lower Alabama.
  5. Are all of these Brown-headed Cowbirds? Lower Alabama. Thanks!
  6. Pretty sure these are swallows, just not sure which one. Lower Alabama. Thanks!
  7. Definitely a male (top) and female (bottom) but not sure about age.
  8. Just curious, do you use raccoon baffles on your boxes? So, I don't have any updates at all on my Bluebirds. Shortly after our second brood fledged, we packed up and moved to Alabama. I've gone back a couple of times tying up loose ends, and the birds are still there. Keep landing on the feeder poles that no longer have feeders on them.
  9. I would like to see you keep “Backyard Birds, Feeders and Food”
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