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  1. Oh wow this thread went way off the rails! OK forget I said anything about the sugar water nectar. I dont pour it out every year, I'm not running out of sugar, it's plentiful at my house. My feeders are fine, the sugar water nectar is NOT AN ISSUE. Now back on track, my concern is the low numbers of hummingbirds at the feeders this year. I normally have tons of them like I did the first of the spring when migration was going on, and then they just dropped and I hardly have any feeding right now.I was wondering what everyone else is experiencing at their feeders. Lots of hummingbirds? Not very many? Average for your area?
  2. I make one cup and split it between two feeders. I always have to pour it out. No hummingbirds around to drink it ?
  3. I have to say I was really excited this year for the hummingbirds, and I had a lot of them as they were migrating, but something happened, not sure what, but I hardly have any at all now. I have tons and tons of birds eating seeds, suet, and peanuts, it's really expensive this year feeding them, but I'm enjoying them. I hardly ever see any hummingbirds come to the feeders anymore. I change my sugar water all the time and make sure its fresh, and the feeders stay clean. I pour out more sugar water than I ever have. Sometimes it's not even touched. FYI I'm in Dallas, Texas. Whats happening with everyone else? Anyone having any luck this year?
  4. I've been sitting all morning (and yesterday evening too) just looking at one after the other coming to the feeders. The numbers already seem high this year for me. Do you usually have big numbers there in your part of Texas?
  5. I've noticed the past couple of days I'm getting a lot of hummingbirds all of a sudden, so I put my 2nd feeder out in the front yard yesterday. It seems like they all show up at once. I've seen a female ruby throat and several others. Always so startling at first to see them humming around because they arent here all year long, and then they come right up to the window.
  6. Wow! Sitting looking out the back window at the peanut feeder, and to my surprise a hummingbird starts making circles around and around looking for a feeder, so I ran and got one ready to hang up. It was going so fast I couldnt make out what kind it was unfortunately.
  7. I'm wondering has anyone seen any good articles and information on feeding the birds at this time during the coronavirus outbreak? I've searched google but all the information I've come across is several years old. Does anyone have any reputable links? I'd really hate to have to take them down! Thanks!
  8. Spotted my first American Robin of the season. I usually see them in the springtime. I never heard of one eating suet, but a chunk had fallen to the ground, and it snatched it up and flew away. It was insect suet however so maybe that had something to do with it.
  9. So I have a lot of Dark Eyed Juncos that come everyday. I noticed a few days ago I have some Orange Crowned Warblers, and the Finches have showed up again. I still have the usual Titmouse, Cardinals, Chickadees, Wrens, Bluejays, and House Sparrows. Starting to go thru a lot of BO Sunflower, shelled peanuts, and the suet has really become popular lately. I have 8 different blocks out right now, front and back yards. Seems like the cold weather has finally pushed them all down here in the south again.
  10. I saw a couple of Juncos yesterday and the day before, but thats been it. We are supposed to have 2 hard freezes monday and tuesday, so I'm curious to see what shows up after that. It's been super quiet here. The most excitement I've seen lately was about 30 House Sparrows showed up all at once and nearly destroyed 2 blocks of suet, and were gone after that. Havent seen them back. I have a few Cardinals, Carolina Chickadees, some Bluejays, and a Titmouse now and then if I'm lucky.
  11. Mine is still pretty dead. We've had a few cold fronts come thru, but nothing major yet. I know once those cold fronts start coming and we get down close to freezing for a few days, they will come back looking for the good stuff. I still have a lot of Blujays coming for the peanuts everyday, and I see the Carolina Chickadees, and Cardinals enjoying the feeder all to themselves. Most of the time everything is pretty much dead.
  12. I dont know what happened to my House Finches. They were really plowing thru the BOSS like crazy. Now the level barely even moves. I cant remember when I filled it up last. The House Sparrows are eating a lot of suet right now, and the Blujays dominate the peanut feeder. Once we get a big cold front there will be all types of new birds around that I dont see all summer long. Looking forward to that. I have a lot of hummers that are visiting right now. The ones I had all left and the feeders were dead for about 3 days, then some newbies showed up and took over all the feeders. They are really active today too. Everytime I go look at the feeders I have a customer on at least one.
  13. I'll go ahead and start our Fall Migration since we are right here. My bird feeders have really slowed down the past couple of weeks. The BOSS has really slowed big time, but it seems the peanuts and suet are still popular. I dont see hardly any finches at all, and it seems the blujays, northern cardinals, chickadees, and the titmouse, have taken over. The woopeckers have found food somewhere else too for the moment. Probably lots of nuts falling. Our weather is still really summer hot. We have been in the 90's everyday, and the mid 70's at night time, so we are nearing records here. Supposed to be in the low 80's for our highs everyday. There seems to be no end in sight either, so I'm not sure how this is affecting the birds.
  14. Yesterday evening about an hour before dark, my feeders started lighting up with some new hummers that I hadnt seen before. This morning they are still around and already fights have broken out over territory. I was just about to take them down today too, but I'm going to let them stay since the nectar is still clear. They may be gone by tomorrow, who knows! Was happy to see a few more for the end of the season ?
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