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  1. I just looked, and last year I put out my last clean batch of nectar on 9/30/2018 so I would've taken my feeders down 5 days after that.
  2. About a month ago I was going thru the same thing, I barely was seeing any at all, and then all of a sudden thats when it exploded like it has. I've got 4 feeders out and they are really sucking it up fast. It's really nice to see, but I cant explain it other than migration has begun. I get a lot during migration time.
  3. Yep they are some fat little things for sure. They seem really unsure about getting on the feeders, like they havent been on them before, so they circle around a few times before landing. I put out 2 more feeders last night in other areas to handle the rush. I wish I would've had this many during the summer months.
  4. Speaking of migration, I wonder if it's started because it seems like the last week, everytime I look at one of the feeders, theres a hummingbird just sippin' away. All of a sudden the population seems to of risen really fast. Been going thru lots of nectar too. I actually had to refill one of the feeders before it was time.
  5. Now the regular birds eating seeds, suet and peanuts, they are just plowing thru everything I can throw at them. They cant seem to get enough.
  6. Yeah it looks like something is up. Wonder what it could be . . . This past week was like fall after they all have left, and theres just a straggler or two left.
  7. I have noticed this year my numbers are way down as well. I have a handfull sometimes but then it seems like long periods go by and I wont see one. I dont know if I'm just missing them feed or if there really isnt many. I'm not going thru a lot of nectar so probably the numbers are down. The regular birds are eating like hogs still.🐷
  8. So this Friday June 21st 2019 is the first day of summer, and I'm curious what is going on at your feeders and what bird foods are you feeding? I have out black oil sunflower seeds and they are really plowing thru them like I've never seen. Nearly 4 to 5 pounds a day. I just have the one main feeder out which is the Squirrel Buster Plus which holds 5 pounds. I have up 6 caged squirrel proof double suet feeders, and they are going thru about 4 to 6 cakes in a day. I have up a Squirrel Buster Peanut Plus feeder and the woodpeckers and blujays are going thru a 5 pound sack of shelled peanuts in a week. I cant believe it and this is all with feral cats running everywhere underneath it all. Its like a big circus. I cant imagine what they would be eating if the cats didnt hang around. It is funny to watch though. I have a lot of house finches, carolina chickadees, the titmouse, northern cardinals, all kinds of woopeckers, and way too many mourning doves that are annoying. A handfull of grackles. I see a lot of young birds too eating from their parent. Lots of hummingbirds too.
  9. I know isnt that crazy to have so many? I started watching her several years ago. Heres a more recent one from her, and this is out her kitchen window, and sometimes they just fly right in. I'm hoping one day I can be so lucky as this 😃 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAT5syAYcIo
  10. I watch this lady on Youtube, and she has a lot of hummingbirds. I want a lot of them like she has 😀 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNEmja72Ixs
  11. I'm not really sure. I've been told and have read, that the more years you keep feeding, the more show up over time.
  12. The Hummbug feeder does work, but I dont think it would be useful for me at this point. Maybe someday if I get a lot more hummingbirds coming around to feed. I never do see very many of them at once, it's more like a steady stream one after the other. The Hummbug feeder you have to put banana's in it, and then it can take up to 10 days for the flies to lay eggs and hatch. Once they come out there are tons of them to eat, but theres just not enough hummingbirds that come around to eat at this point. If I had swarms of hummingbirds like I've seen on the Youtube videos, then I could see it would be a really great thing to have. Maybe even have 2 of them going at once and start them at different time so you always have flies that are hatched. I dont know if I'll ever have the big swarms of hummingbirds like some people do. It does work though for sure.
  13. If you click on the above picture it will take you to the video 😁
  14. I've already got fighting at the feeders this morning. Guess I need to put up another feeder. The end of last year I got one of those Humm-Bug feeders, so I'll get nanners today and fill it up. Curious to see if they take to it. Has anyone else tried the Humm-Bug feeder?
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