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  1. This little guy was apparently abandoned and found by my son's family in St George Utah yesterday. They turned it over to some wildlife professionals there to care for but were wondering what it was. I think it's a juvi Horned Grebe but not sure. If so it's kind of out of its normal range. Any help?
  2. My nephew spotted this three days ago in a neighborhood east side of Provo, Utah. The only Owl I think it could be is a Northern Saw-whet. Whitish front with brown vertical stripes. White marks on wings. Can’t tell eye colors well but the size tells me Northern Saw-whet. Agree?
  3. Spotted this bird, what I originally thought was a Cooper, in the tree just out front of our house on the way to go out birding - pretty good start to an afternoon of birding through the valley. The size made me think is was a Cooper's but looking at the photos in more detail I think it's a relatively large Sharpie. The cap is not difined and black plus it doesn;t seem to have the overhanging "eyebrows" . It was about the size of a crow. I guess a large Sharpie can be similar in size to a small Coop. The second bird is what I think is a Merlin I spotted yesterday the afternoon yesterday in the fields on the west side of Cache County, Northern Utah.
  4. Looks like a female Bufflehead to me, yes.
  5. Saw these guys last Friday, Jan 4 about 4:00 pm west of Richmond Utah on Egan Road. Other have reported a Prairie Falcon there as well as Red-Tail Hawks, Sharpies, and Rough Legged Hawks. I have been trying to find and identify a Prairie Falcon on my own for several years and think I found one this time Please advise I think these first two are the Prairie Falcon - Size and Mylars look right to me plus the large eyes. You can see the pointed wings on the second photo as it flew away. The second set I believe are American Goldfinches. I am not as familier with the winter coloring on these but I don't know what else this would be. The last photo is a hawk, I'm think red-tail but not sure Thanks sure.
  6. This morning, North Logan, Utah. In town at Maple Springs Assisted Living. Sat there quite a while. At first I thought Coopers but re-thinking its a Sharpie.
  7. Also - any ideas what these guys are on the bank on the pond - Same day and place as my question above on the Lesser Scaup'
  8. We've been trying to find a Lesser Scaup all year. There were some reported on the ponds north of Willard Bay State Park in Northern Utah, Near Brigham City. We went there today about noon and there were a ton of different ducks but our equipment just didn't quite bring them in close enough for a positive ID. With Ring-Necked ducks, Goldeneyes, Redheads, Hooded Mergansers, all kinds of similar birds identified, I just took lots of pics and tried to ID them at home by zooming in, but not with a lot of luck. I think I'll need to go back again with a bigger lens I can perhaps borrow from my daughter! A couple of photos gave me some hope though. Perhaps this is a Lesser Scaup hiding among these Hooded Mergansers - the one in the center of the photos - a male. Any ideas?
  9. These photos were taken last week by my brother on a trip to southern Utah - St George. He wasn't sure what he had I'm telling him they are a Western Bluebird, Woodhouse Scrubjay, and female Great Tailed Grackle. Comments - Verify?
  10. Hawks and Falcons are hard for me, especially since almost everything I see is a Red-Tailed. Spotted these last week in or near Salt Creek Wildlife Refuge, near Tremonton Ut. last Saturday and Monday. I would appreciate verifying me IDs on these. I'm calling the first three photos a Ferruginous Hawk, the next two a Prairie Falcon, and the next one a Dark Morph Swainson's and then a more normal Swainson's. There were all kinds of raptors there those two days including several Northern Harriers and some very cute Burrowing Owls. Thanks in advance
  11. I can see that now. I'll include it in my ebird report. Thanks.
  12. These photos were taken yesterday afternoon - Northern Utah. Tony Grove Lake Campground. This is a high mountain lake in a deciduos/conifer forest. The unknown bird was quite a ways off, siting in the trees right above a campground restroom. Tried to get closer but it took off. I was teaching Bird Study Merit Badge to a small group of scouts and they had my binoculars so only got these pics. I can see white wing bars and what looks like an orangish/redish/yellowish conical bill and notched tail. Can't seem to match it to anything. Head and other body colors are probably overly bright because of the light. The background in the photo was darker for the most part so the sun on this bird came out lighter than it should have unless this is an "angel bird" :). Any ideas? The b oys had a pretty good time. We spotted a Steller's Jay, a Brown Creeper, some Dark-eyed Juncos, a Red-tailed Hawk, Turkey Vulture, Mountain Chickadee, Downy Woodpecker, and others. They were pretty interested in finding more. My wife and I also got a couple of lifers when we stopped along a side road on the way driving home. Hairy Woodpecker and Dusky Grouse - photos for these also included for another witness ID. Thanks.
  13. just found an image on the web that is supposed to be of a Juvi Eu. Starling - couldn't believe it but it looks a lot like my bird . You guys are awesome - never doubt the psweet or the Nighthawk. Grandpa Gray Jay
  14. I think the bill is way too long and the wrong shape for a Starling and the shape of the body is wrong too.
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