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  1. Going through photos taken May 14, this year at Garr Ranch, Antelope Island, Northern Utah. Not able to identify this one in the first two photos but think it may be a Hermit Thrush. Only saw it briefly but long enough to get a couple of photos. Let me know what you think. Hermit Thrush would be a lifer for us. Third, fourth and fifth photos were taken same day at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, again, northern Utah. I have no idea on this one. I thought it was a Marsh Wren when I first saw it but zooming in on the photo I have no idea.
  2. Spotted this hawk last evening, near Salt Creek Waterfowl Management Area, south of Tremonton, Utah. At first was thinking Ferruginous Hawk but think now a light colored Swainson's. Not sure though - any help.
  3. Going through photos from our trip to Bear River Bird Refuge (Northern Utah) and found this one. This trip was May 14. Not sure what to make of it but it kind of looks like an American Pipit to me. Any other ideas? Grandpa Gray J.
  4. Lanark Idaho, yesterday afternoon. On fence near field of cattle. i think it’s either a Dusky or Gray Flycatcher.
  5. Actually, it would have taken about a 100 foot pole to touch the group of Dowitchers. Short bills, I understand, are not common here so that's why I'm guessing Long Billed.
  6. Spotted this lifer for us last Thursday in back yard at feeder - North Logan, Utah. Male and female Cassin's Finch I am pretty sure. If so it's a lifer for us. The rest of the day we spent at Northern Utah's Bear River Migratory Bird refuge, Auto Tour Loop. Had a good day. Spotted a group of these, what I believe are Long Billed Dowitchers. Would like confirmation from more experienced birders on both. Thanks in advance for any help. Grandpa Gray J.
  7. This little guy was apparently abandoned and found by my son's family in St George Utah yesterday. They turned it over to some wildlife professionals there to care for but were wondering what it was. I think it's a juvi Horned Grebe but not sure. If so it's kind of out of its normal range. Any help?
  8. My nephew spotted this three days ago in a neighborhood east side of Provo, Utah. The only Owl I think it could be is a Northern Saw-whet. Whitish front with brown vertical stripes. White marks on wings. Can’t tell eye colors well but the size tells me Northern Saw-whet. Agree?
  9. Spotted this bird, what I originally thought was a Cooper, in the tree just out front of our house on the way to go out birding - pretty good start to an afternoon of birding through the valley. The size made me think is was a Cooper's but looking at the photos in more detail I think it's a relatively large Sharpie. The cap is not difined and black plus it doesn;t seem to have the overhanging "eyebrows" . It was about the size of a crow. I guess a large Sharpie can be similar in size to a small Coop. The second bird is what I think is a Merlin I spotted yesterday the afternoon yesterday in the fields on the west side of Cache County, Northern Utah.
  10. Saw these guys last Friday, Jan 4 about 4:00 pm west of Richmond Utah on Egan Road. Other have reported a Prairie Falcon there as well as Red-Tail Hawks, Sharpies, and Rough Legged Hawks. I have been trying to find and identify a Prairie Falcon on my own for several years and think I found one this time Please advise I think these first two are the Prairie Falcon - Size and Mylars look right to me plus the large eyes. You can see the pointed wings on the second photo as it flew away. The second set I believe are American Goldfinches. I am not as familier with the winter coloring on these but I don't know what else this would be. The last photo is a hawk, I'm think red-tail but not sure Thanks sure.
  11. This morning, North Logan, Utah. In town at Maple Springs Assisted Living. Sat there quite a while. At first I thought Coopers but re-thinking its a Sharpie.
  12. Also - any ideas what these guys are on the bank on the pond - Same day and place as my question above on the Lesser Scaup'
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