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  1. Hi everyone! I returned from a month long trip to Paraguay. While in Cerro Lambare, a hilltop in Asuncion, I saw this really beautiful bird. I looked for it in three field guides and can't seem to ID it. It looks like it may be a becard judging by the beak shape. Any ideas?
  2. @akandula @Mindy Smith @Bird Brain Thanks so much you guys! I am still learning! I am so grateful that birders are so happy to share their wealth of knowledge!
  3. I went to John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge in Philadelphia, PA today. I took a pic of this beauty. I was at first thinking heron, but then looking through field guides doubted myself and wondered if it's an American Bittern. So, my top three guesses are: 1. Juvenile Green Heron, 2. Juvenile Black-crowned night heron and 3. American Bittern. What are your thoughts?
  4. Thank you everyone for your help! I told my friend your opinions and she was really excited. She also promised me she would buy a field guide and binoculars. Thank you so much!!!
  5. My friend saw this massive bird by her home in Folsom, California this afternoon. She sees hawks periodically but this one is huge.
  6. Thank you for the help @akiley @psweet. Sparrows always confuse me. I thought it was either a White-Crowned or Chipping or Rufous. And the yellow birds confused me. I knew the yellow bird on top was a finch but the one on the bottom had no finch patterns or warbler streaks. I never even considered a canary because it's not in any of the northern california field guides I have! Ha! Thank you so much!
  7. Hey everyone - newbie here. Went birding in Alameda, CA this weekend and saw some lovelies that I can't identify with certainty. I'm hoping you guys can lend me a hand. Thank you.
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