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  1. Hello, My friend saw this bird in the Kensington area of Philadelphia last Friday afternoon (July 15) . Not anywhere close to a park. I have never seen a nightjar or nighthawk so I'm not sure what it is. But I thought it was a nightjar because the tails aren't the swallow-ish pointed tails that are the trait of a nighthawk. It also looks very young. Any help is much appreciated.
  2. I saw this gull while looking for the Slaty-backed Gull that showed up in NYC today. (Didn’t see it). I think this is a Great Black-backed gull - 2nd winter. Saw it in Central Park’s reservoir.
  3. Hi everyone, This one has me stumped. I took this photo in the lagoons around Bay Farm Island last Friday. Not sure why photo is uploading upside down!
  4. @Seanbirds @PalmWarbler arg. OK let me try again. Sorry - for some reason only the audio plays after I upload the video. Here are some other screenshots.
  5. Hi - I recently went to San Jose and did a little backyard birding. Is this a downy woodpecker or Nuttall's Woodpecker. I'm inclined to say the latter due to the size and the spotting on the back. These are screenshots from a little video I took.
  6. Barn!!! I grew up near Atwater Village - Frogtown to be exact and this makes me so happy ? Don't remember seeing swallows there back in the day.
  7. Evening all! My friend is in Southwest Florida and sent me a picture of another humdinger we can't figure out. She saw this mystery bird today in the Swamp Preserve. Is it a tuftless Northern Cardinal or a Summer Tanager or even a rarity - a Ant-Tanager! We can't figure it out. The coloring and location is off for each one of these. Can you help?
  8. Hi everyone! My friend saw this wee bird yesterday afternoon while birding in Corkscrew Swamp Audobon Preserve, Florida. We think it may be a young Carolina Wren or a young thrasher? Any ideas?
  9. Oh and I saw it this afternoon in Upper West Side of NYC.
  10. Hello everyone! Hope you all are enjoying the beginnings of Spring migration. I have two photos of what I think is a Hermit Thrush and Veery . Usually I feel confident about spotting difference between veerys and hermit thrushes but I was recently told to correct an ebird submission. Photo 1. I think is a hermit thrush. The angle isn't helping but to me the tail looks redder than the body. Photos 2 and 3: Veery - eye ring is more distinct at the back of the eye. Thank you for your help!
  11. Thank you @Connor Cochrane @Seanbirds - is it "definitely" a parakeet because of the long tail? I thought red masked parakeet because of the red markings on the wings. Thanks again
  12. Hello! My friend spotted a flock of these beauties in Hermosa Beach yesterday afternoon. Is this a Red-Crowned Parrot? Or is it a parakeet? A Red-masked Parakeet? Thank you!
  13. Cool! Thank you @BirdNrd @IKLland @Jefferson Shank ? There were SO MANY!
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