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  1. I thought sparrows and wrens were hard - they are cake compared to flycatchers.

    I have three that I'm iffy on. I saw all of them in Central Park this morning. Next time I hope I can record their calls - I've read that that's the best way to distinguish them.

    I think the first one is an Eastern Wood-Pewee, the second is Yellow Bellied, and the third is I think an Alder - but I'm not sure.




  2. Hi everyone! Saw what I think is an American Kestrel on West End and West 102nd Street in NYC this afternoon. It was across the street so I couldn't see the markings. But the neck was short and the head was bigger than a mockingbird. It bobbed its tail while it perched atop a turret. This is the only photo my husband managed to get.




  3. Hi everyone. Hope you guys are keeping cool. Went camping last week in Chenango Valley State Park and Clarence Fahnestock State Park and was lucky to see some amazing birds. I need help with some doubts I have. I think the brown streaked one is a juvenile cowbird but I didn't see a lot of cowbirds around. I mostly saw juncos nearby where this little one was.

    Then  - I have two flycatchers from a distance that I think are both Great Crested Flycatchers. However, one had a longer tail.

    Then, I think the darker flycatcher is an Eastern Phoebe, however, it didn't do the tail wag. Could it be a least flycatcher? That's my other guess.

    Also I think this is a sharp skinned hawk. It's a terrible photo and the only one I managed to take. The hawks in NYC let me get closer.

    And wood thrush?

    Thanks everyone!







  4. Morning everyone! Just got back from a relatively quiet bird walk in  Riverside Park, NY.

    I think these are a female Common Yellowthroat, and Northern Parula. I don't know what the third one is. Then I think the thrush is Hermit Thrush and last one is (I hope) a female Hooded Warbler.

    Thanks guys!






  5. I went to John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge in Philadelphia, PA today.

    I took a pic of this beauty. 

    I was at first thinking heron, but then looking through field guides doubted myself and wondered if it's an American Bittern.

    So, my top three guesses are: 1. Juvenile Green Heron, 2. Juvenile Black-crowned night heron and 3. American Bittern.

    What are your thoughts?


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