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  1. Thanks! Now that I look at the picture in a larger format, it does resemble the Long-leggeds that I see often. Flight pattern was also very familiar. It was a very cold day, so the puffed-up look was appropriate.
  2. This buteo was seen at about 2 pm January 10 just outside Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Long-legged Buzzard is common in winter, but the coloring of the face looks darker and shape of head stockier. I would appreciate any input.
  3. The first looks like an Armenian Gull to me: dark eye, extensive black on the wing with only one window on front edge For the second, I would choose Caspian over Yellow-legged due to bill descriptions in "Birds of Europe"; for Caspian, "Bill long and evenly narrow with attenuated point, lacking marked gonys angle." For Yellow-legged: "Heavy bill with strongly-curved tip and well-marked gonys angle in most...." Not willing to make a guess on the third :-)
  4. @Bird-Boys, it looks like you nailed it. Yelkouan Shearwater matches the description in my Birds of Europe guide: brownish worn hue, feet protruding to form pointed tail, etc. Tons of sightings of them over the Bosphorus. Thanks--another lifer!!
  5. I could use help identifying this flock of shorebirds (?) on the Bosphorus in June, 2013.
  6. I would appreciate any help someone can give me identifying this gull, which I photographed over the north shore of Lake Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan, at about dusk on June 6, 2019. Thanks!
  7. Ruddy ducks. Male with whitish cheeks and darker cap.
  8. Thanks, everyone! I was hoping for a stray Iceland Gull...a guy can hope.
  9. I would appreciate help in identifying these gulls, taken at Virginia Beach around noon on Jan. 27. Particularly, the two light-gray-backed ones in picture 1, and the left-middle one in pictures 2 & 3. Thanks!
  10. Most of my birding experience is in Thailand. I'm fairly certain of: 1. Gray-breasted prinia 3. Helmeted guineafowl (from Africa) 4. Blue whistling-thrush
  11. This thrush was feeding on the ground below my feeder at 1:15 pm on Dec. 6, 2018 in Henrico County (Richmond), Virginia. I am guessing it is a Hermit Thrush, but would like any input, either way. Thanks!
  12. This hawk was observed above Tuckahoe Creek in Henrico County (Richmond), Virginia, at 2 pm on Nov. 27. I'm thrown off by the coloration, even though the markings seem to indicate a Red-tailed Hawk. Any input would be much appreciated.
  13. Our son and daughter-in-law live in Jax, so we've visited them twice in the last two months. We are only in the US for one year (based in VA), so I am getting in as many US species as I can. I would love to have had a guide! Perhaps next time we're down there. Thanks for the offer!
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