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  1. You're right--it does look like a female gadwall. I wish I had paid closer attention, as I remember it being significantly larger than the American Wigeons that were feeding nearby...
  2. I need help IDing this strange bird I saw in the middle of the Rio Grande River in Albuquerque at dusk on Nov. 1, 2021. When I first saw it in my binos, I thought it to be a huge, waddling Mallard female; it was nearby some Wigeons, but much larger and more lumbering. Looking at the photo, I just can't figure out what it would be. It seems to have the beak/head shape of a Mallard, but significantly bigger and more goose-like. Thoughts?
  3. Thanks, everyone--very helpful comments! I saw several Palms on the ground, so this totally makes sense.
  4. My American warbler game is not the best. Can you help me ID this one, seen at Fort Moultrie, Sullivans Island, SC on Oct. 21, 2021. Also, if you can tell me what clues you're basing your ID on, I can learn. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for all these details. I've kind of gone all over the place with this one, since I'm not too familiar with American gulls. At first (without any research), I assumed it was a BOGU, then Thayer's...I think your explanation makes the most sense, though. I wish I would have given more effort to capturing a good picture, though.
  6. I saw this juvenile gull on the morning of July 25, 2021, on the James River just above Reusen's Dam in Lynchburg, VA. I thought that the only realistic possibility was Bonaparte's, as it is the most likely black-billed, smallish gull that would be found around here. Having looked more closely, however, I can't find a photo or description of a juv. Bonaparte's with the upperparts pattern seen in the photos and without some semblance of a black spot behind the eye. In looking at Sibley's, it struck me that the pictures I took look more like a juvenile Sabine's Gull, and the picture of a juv. on eBird has the same upperparts pattern and no spot behind the eye. I know this gull shouldn't be anywhere near here, but...am I crazy?
  7. Thanks, everyone! I was hoping for a Sharp-shinned, as that would be a lifer ?.
  8. The photos below were taken in Lynchburg, VA, on July 25. Seen through binoculars, definitely an accipiter with the long tail. Cooper's or Sharp-tailed?
  9. Thanks--I think they are two different birds, based on bill size. I also thought that the Indigo Bunting looked more likely when I went back and looked at the second pic.
  10. Looking through my old pictures of a bird I tried to identify when I was less familiar with American birds, I found the following two pics, possibly of the same bird, ID'd as Field Sparrows. I don't think they are, but can't get purchase on what they could be. Any input would be welcome. Sighted at Rockfish Valley Trail, VA, on Sept. 7, 2018.
  11. Please help me identify this warbler that came to my suet on Jan. 23, 2021, in Richmond, VA. Thanks!
  12. How embarrassing...I photographed it immediately next to the male :-). Thanks!
  13. I'm trying to identify this sparrow (I assume). I viewed it at about 2 pm on Nov. 3 on Turkey Island Road (rural) near Richmond, VA.
  14. I assume you're talking about the second picture (of the whole bird)...interesting. My first thought when seeing it in the field was that it was a spotted due to length of the bill and legs. However, I went with Common as it is more likely here, and due to the pattern on the breast. I just measured ratios of bill length to head width on the pictures on eBird, and found the ratio closer to the SR. I'm confused, though, as to the plumage, which is nowhere near breeding for the SR. This is the first time I've gotten a good look at either species, so I welcome the input of others!
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