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  1. psweet

    Eastern Washington Sparrow?

    The bill looks a bit small for this, but the plumage fits a young Cowbird. The lack of distinct streaking is wrong for any of our juvenile sparrows.
  2. psweet

    Birds in high-altitude Arizona

    The wren looks good for House. There's virtually no eye-line, he's barred not spotted above, and the bill's pale-based and not long enough for Rock Wren.
  3. psweet

    Western Bluebird?

    Looks like a Mountain to me, too. Very long primaries and no rust below despite the bright blue feathers above.
  4. psweet

    Bell's Vireo in Missouri?

    Bell's in Missouri should be more contrasty than this, with a darker face and white concentrated around the eyes. They also have a wingbar, although it might be worn off by now. Warbling vary in the amount of yellow below, especially the ones that have started their pre-basic molt.
  5. It takes a little while for them to figure out the whole flying thing. It's also possible he got injured trying his first flight...
  6. psweet

    Nebraska Birds

    On the Baird's, I think that what you're perceiving as yellow legs is actually a bent-over grass blade. The legs are visible just to the right of it, and they're shaded enough that you can't tell the color.
  7. psweet

    Phoebe confirmation

    Definitely an Eastern Phoebe, but I don't see anything that says youngster.
  8. psweet

    Ruby-throated Hummingbird?

    This is a great example of how poorly we eastern birders really know our own Ruby-throats. (No need to really look closely, since there's nothing to confuse them with.) This is a male Broad-tailed Hummingbird. From this shot, good things to look at are the absence of a black mask and the rosy rather than ruby red color on the throat.
  9. psweet

    Strange "Goose?"

    Looks like a domestic goose of some sort.
  10. psweet

    Lake Edith in Jasper, Alberta

    I'm thinking juvenile Clay-colored. The eye-stripe doesn't appear to extend to the lores, the way it should in Chipping.
  11. psweet

    Diving ducks in California

    On the scoters, look at the shape of the feathering at the base of the bill. On Surf, it forms that neat rectangle around the base of the bill. On White-winged, it will extend forwards almost to the nostrils. From a distance, this makes for different shapes in the front white spot -- ending at a vertical line on Surf, as an oval on White-winged.
  12. psweet

    Lesser/Greater Yellowlegs?

    The first one's at a tough angle. The second one has a rather delicate bill and rather long primaries, I'd lean Lesser for that one.
  13. psweet

    ID's needed- ME-Pt3

    Those babies can't fly yet, and Red-breasted don't appear to nest anywhere in the state, let alone inland. So if they're Red-breasted, this is a very unusual situation. I lightened the one shot, and I can't see enough to say for sure. But I think we have to consider Hooded here as well - they're the most likely breeding merganser, and what I can tell the plumage favors them.
  14. This is why we say, get a good field guide! Google images are notoriously problematic -- even if the photo was correctly identified on a website, that doesn't mean Google got it right.
  15. psweet

    What bird is this?

    This is indeed a flicker -- occasionally birds will show odd plumage features like that white line. If everything else checks out, then it's not something to worry about.