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  1. Well, very gray tone appears to rule out Cordilleran (and Yellow-bellied). The mostly dark lower mandible doesn't fit Traill's. The short primaries aren't really right for Hammond's (or Acadian). The wingbars and tertial edges seem rather dull, although they don't appear very worn -- that would seem to rule out Least. And there's too much dark on the bill for Gray, which leaves us with a tentative (always with silent Empids, often even in hand) Dusky.

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  2. The tail barely extends past the coverts -- and, as I stated before, even with a shadow you'll still see the contrast between yellow undertail coverts and gray tail on something else. (If it helps, my first thought wasn't Yellow -- I agree that structurally it looks weird. But the plumage doesn't seem to leave any other options -- I'd write off the structure in this case to the angle of the shot.)

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