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  1. Thank you Sneat, for pointing out these key differences. I can see them now!!!
  2. Yes, I see. Thank you for showing me these subtle, but distinct differences. I've been looking for a vero in my area for a while. Never having found one, I think i mentally gave up even looking for one. Thank you again for the excellent resource, Tony!
  3. This looks like an American Restart to me. Location: Northern Illinois Habitat: Mixed forest Date: Today
  4. Hi all, I think this is a Palm warbler. Habitat: Pond, mixed forest Location: Northern Illinois Date: 9/1/20
  5. Thank you both! Wow, Tony, this is excellent information and thank you for the great resource. It is very appreciated, and will be useful, I'm sure!
  6. Hi everyone, I think this is just a juvenile Red-tailed hawk. However, I guess there is a chance it may be a Red-shouldered or a Broad-winged hawk. Any suggestions? Location: Northern Illinois Date: Today Habitat: Farmland, mixed forest nearby.
  7. Thank you, all! It was exciting to see!
  8. Hello! This is a Yellow-Bellied Sap-Sucker, correct? Date: 5/4/20 Habitat: Mixed forest, on a Linden tree Location: Northern Illinois
  9. I see....OK, that explains the difficulty in identifying it. Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone, Is this some type of oriole? I cannot find a good match for this bird. Date: Today Habitat: Mixed forest, at a backyard feeder, consuming apple preserves Location: Northern Illinois
  11. Wow, great! This is a new species for me. Thank you!
  12. Hello everybody, is this a Song Sparrow? Date: Today. Habitat: by a mixed forest, in a yard Region: Northern Illinois
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