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  1. Excellent! Thank you all for all the good info and the kudos! I find this forum to be invaluable!
  2. Hello all, Are these Common Mergansers? Habitat: Mixed forest, mid-sized lake. Location: Northern Illinois Date: 3/15/20
  3. Hello all, This is either a Song sparrow or a Savannah sparrow, correct? Habitat: mixed forest, meadow. Location: Northern Illinois Date: Today
  4. Thank you everyone! Sparrows and flycatchers are the toughest for me to identify, so I'm happy to get this one correct!
  5. Hi all, is this a Fox Sparrow? Date: Today Habitat: Meadow and brush Location: Northern Illinois.

    sparrow 4.JPG

    © Dariusz Stusowski


    Feather 2.JPG

    © Dariusz Stusowski


    Eastern Kingbird 1.JPG

    © Dariusz Stusowski

  9. © Dariusz Stusowski

  10. STUDAR

    blackbird 2.JPG

    © Dariusz Stusowski

  11. STUDAR

    Barn Swallow 2.JPG

    © Dariusz Stusowski

  12. STUDAR

    Starling 2.JPG

    © Dariusz Stusowski

  13. STUDAR

    Grosebeak 3.JPG

    © Dariusz Stusowski

  14. STUDAR

    Osprey 5.JPG

    © Dariusz Stusowski

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