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  1. Thank you all. These birds are quite difficult for me. I will go with the Ovenbird identification, unless the controversy will continue! 🙂
  2. My apologies, I must have forgotten all about posting this! Anyway, thank you for your help!
  3. Hello all, I think I have a wood thrush here. What could this be? Maybe a Swainson's Thrush? Location: Northern Illinois Habitat: Mixed Forest Date: Two weeks ago
  4. Thank you so much, everyone! This one, I should have known 🙂
  5. Hello all, Thank you for the confirmation! No, I do not believe I posted this pic before. It was taken about two or three weeks ago, but I just had time to process it recently. I have asked for help with kinglets before, as I am sure I will ask for help with them in the future :). But this, to my knowledge, this should be fresh, never-posted image. Thank you again, everyone!
  6. I'm so bad at these tiny birds....is this a Ruby-crowned Kinglet? Location: Northern Illinois Habitat: Mixed forest/pond Date: 11/1
  7. Hello - is this an American Tree Sparrow? Location: Northern Illinois Habitat: Mixed forest, backyard. Date: Today
  8. Hi all! Is this a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet? Location: Northern Illinois Habitat: Mixed forest Date: Today
  9. Thank you, all. Yes, he was really a kaleidoscope!
  10. Hi all, Is this a common Grackle? Location: Northern Illinois Habitat: Mixed forest Date: 10/10/20
  11. Thank you Sneat, for pointing out these key differences. I can see them now!!!
  12. Yes, I see. Thank you for showing me these subtle, but distinct differences. I've been looking for a vero in my area for a while. Never having found one, I think i mentally gave up even looking for one. Thank you again for the excellent resource, Tony!
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