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  1. Thank you. I discounted a Lesser Yellowlegs, as thought it was out of my range. Appreciate the help as always!
  2. Hi everyone, Is this a Spotted Sandpiper? I was shooting through tall grass, so I was unable to get a crisp image of the plumage. However, it was on the small side (maybe 8 inches), and the habitat fits best. Location: Northern Illinois Habitat: Pond/marsh, in secondary-growth deciduous forest. Date: Today
  3. I see. I did not know there were domesticated versions of Mallards. Nor would I have thought they would be so comfortable in the "wild", so to speak. Thank you for the information. I'll have to try to get a crisper photo if I see her again.
  4. Hi everyone, I genuinely do not know what species of duck this can be. My reference materials and the research I've done on the net did not yield anything that looked similar. I think it may not be a mature adult? Perhaps an immature female mallard? Location: Northern Illinois. Date: July 5 Habitat: Riverfront, groomed park. Mallard male and female ducks were also present. Within the city limits of a mid-sized Fox River Valley town
  5. Would this be an Eastern Phoebe? Habitat: Mixed forest, close to a residence. Its nest is under my deck. Region: Northern Illinois Date: 6/25/19
  6. Oh for goodness sake! I thought I was going to be right about this one. These birds seem tougher than sparrows! 🙂 Thank you all, for the good info!
  7. Hi everyone - I am fairly certain this is an Arcadian flycatcher. Though the eye ring is not very prominent, so it may be a Willow Flycatcher. Location: Northern Illinois Habitat: mixed deciduous forest with pond and bogs near by. Date: June 10
  8. Thank you very much. I only got about two hours of birding time, but was able to be introduced to so many new species. These flycatchers were especially tolerant of my photography. I was surprised at how boisterous their singing is. I agree, these birds are full of life and personality! 🙂
  9. Thank you all for the identification! I see the identifying markings now.
  10. OK great! Thank you all for this good help. I find that I mix up the Red-Tail with other hawks all the time. This helps me see the differences!
  11. Hello! Red-Tailed Hawk? Location: Southern Colorado Habitat: High Desert, Juniper trees, Scrubland Date: June 3
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