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  1. Thanks All. There was more red in these than in most Song Sparrows we see around here. I guess I just got the light right. Happy New Year!
  2. Please help me ID these Sparrows from Maryland by the Chesapeake Bat in late December. As always, Thank you!
  3. Frederick, Maryland- December- Bird wars at my feeder after the first show in 2 years. Please help me id these. Thanks, as always.
  4. Thanks all. We see Red Shouldered all the time in this park. But none of them looked like this first bird, so I would have thought it was a different hawk. Always glad to be educated.
  5. I heard a local birder say how unusual it was to still be seeing these Warblers in Maryland in Early November. But he did not say what kind these two were. Please help me ID? Thanks!
  6. Please help me ID these 2 birds taken on Lake Winnipesauke in New Hampshire in Mid October. Thanks!
  7. Thanks you both! It must have taken a dip in the nearby river, because it wasn't raining!
  8. Cromwell Valley , Maryland. Please help me iD? Thanks, as always!
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