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  1. Taken in Frederick Maryland August 22 2020. We have been hiking along the Monacacy river the entire quarantine, but never saw this bird before. Please advise if you know what it is? Thanks!
  2. About 50 feet up in a sycamore tree, my wife was scanning for owls or other birds when she gasped. In her binocs was a Black Rat Snake instead. Wasn't expecting to ever see a snake that high!
  3. Thanks! I guess that explains why the Bunting wasn't concerned. I can't believe just how much larger the Robin is. I see both adult birds a lot but never next to each other before.
  4. I was taking pics of this Indigo Bunting near the top of a tree, pretty far off, when this much larger bird swooped in and landed. I was very surprised the Bunting did not care. He just kept on singing. Please help me iD this larger bird? This is in Maryland in July 2020. Thanks!
  5. I am sorry. I only saw this request to update you today. Sadly neither the experts nor I could find this bird again.Now that I am better educated I will know how to react much faster should I ever see something like this again. I did not report that one on time....
  6. A rapture Rehab Center is going looking for it today, to try and capture it and raise it at their place.
  7. Thanks. Yes, very sad. I was hoping it just was not developed yet.... I appreciate the help though!
  8. This young hawk was just calling out over and over again. It did not fly when we got close to it in the woods. It just never stopped calling out. Can anyone tell me what kind of Hawk (Red-Shouldered are the most common in this are) and if there is anything wrong with its beak? Looks odd. Thanks very much Frederick Maryland- June 2020.
  9. Thanks! I knew it did not look quite right for a parula, which is why I asked for help. I never would have id'd it without help. I appreciate it! There were a number of adult red-starts in the area. They look so different from this younger one.
  10. Central Maryland in Mid May 2020. In thick brush next to a stream. It would not stay still. Please advise if this is a Northern Parula, or some other bird? Thank you for any help!
  11. Yes, the first two shots are the same bird and the last two are the same bird. Thanks for the help!
  12. Early October in Cape May NJ. Is the yellow bird a Cape May Warbler? I have no guess on the second bird. Thanks for any help.
  13. Northern New Jersy July 2018. Deep in the woods. Hike around here a lot but don't think i have seen this bird before. Thankls for any help.
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