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  1. Broad-tailed would be a lifer! But... it is quite rare for my area. Here is a compilation video of all the footage I got of it (including slo-mo versions) and one more photo. (The second hummingbird on the rear of the feeder is a Black-chinned.)
  2. Hello. This hummingbird showed up during The Big Freeze (Feb 15) at my home in Corpus Christi, TX. Is it a Rufous/Allen's Hummingibird? Thank you.
  3. Thanks for the replies πŸ™‚ I was thinking, could Hummingbird #2 be an Anna's? I have seen them described as "chunky", which would explain the obvious size difference with the Black-chinned. And what about the "spots" on the front? Unfortunately, I have not seen the bird in question for 2 days, so I have only the 2 photos previously posted and the one below... Thanks again, everyone!
  4. Hello. All photos taken at my home in Corpus Christi, TX on Jan 21 or Jan 22. Thank you. Hummingbird #1 (Black-chinned?) Hummingbird # 2 This hummingbird is noticeably larger than #1, even without a side by side comparison. I would estimate that it is 10-15% larger. I apologize for the poor photos. I spent hours staking-out the feeder from the outside, but so far have only been able to get photos through a window & screen. I have boosted the color on these photos, let me know if you want the untouched photos.
  5. Hello. Can anyone tell from the below photos which species of hummingbird this is? Photos taken at my home in Corpus Christi, TX on Oct 10. Thank you.
  6. Thank you both! Forgot to mention that photos were taken in Corpus Christi, TX in early May.
  7. Hello. Please help me id these 3 birds. Thank you. #1 Painted Bunting? #2 Mourning Warbler? #3 (2 photos) Yellow Warbler?
  8. Thank you everyone ☺️ Thanks for the link, Tony Leukering!
  9. Hello. Yesterday, hundreds of birds flew over my house in Corpus Christi, TX. Most were soaring really high, but I got some pics of lower flying individuals. Please help me id them. Thank you. 1. Swainson's Hawk? 2. Broad-winged Hawk? 3. swallow sp.?
  10. Thanks everyone! The Grasshopper Sparrow is a lifer 😁
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