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  1. The attached link is a video but I would like help with the bird call at seconds 11 and 21. This was in Louisville KY today. The bird was sparrow sized, white (or off white) breast and darker back but couldn’t tell the exact color. Thanks!
  2. Spotted this evening in Louisville KY. I did not get a picture from the front. I originally thought this was a Hermit because of the eye ring, but is the coloring correct for a Hermit? I do not see the contrasted tail.
  3. I saw this today in Louisville, KY. It was cloudy and I did not have the aperture on the best setting for the lighting. I did see it more clearly through the binoculars. It was on chest and head and had two wing bars. I was thinking pine warbler but I'm not 100%. Are the images good enough for someone to ID?
  4. Saw April 22nd in Louisville, KY. My initial impression was Warbling Vireo, is this correct?
  5. I had a pair at my feeders last winter. They ate both my suit and seed feeder. I buy premium seed which I think has some dried fruit; which they may have been picking out. That is the only year I have had them at my feeders though.
  6. Please help / confirm some IDs from this summer. Thanks! Gull Billed Tern? Is saw this bird on a beach near Hampton VA in June 2018. Willow Flycatcher? I saw this bird in Portland TN in May 2018. I saw this bird in Aruba (I realize that is technically part of South America but I believe this is a warbler common in North America) in July 2018. It the time I ID this as a Palm Warbler but am now thinking a Yellow Warbler. Also Aruba in July 2018. Reddish Egret? I didn't get a great look and the picture quality is bad. Reddish is what I thought at the time. Last one. This was taken in July 2018 in Chicago IL. Not sure about this. I feel like I should know it but have not been about to ID it.
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