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  1. Thanks! Wow. The photo looked grey to me but now that you say it I see it! And the breast is spot on... don’t know why I didn’t consider it.
  2. A friend saw this in Louisville KY today. It seems that I should know this but I cannot put my finger on it. My guess was a Pink Sided Dark Eyed Junco but breast and beak seem incorrect to me. Please help.
  3. Thank you both. I'm not sure why I didn't consider palm warblers.
  4. Finally some good weather in Louisville KY. Here are some birds that I'd like some help / confirmation on: 1) Is this a Nashville Warbler? If so it would be a first for me. Saw this today in Louisville KY. 2) Pine Warbler? Saw this today in Louisville, KY. 3) Swanson's Warbler is what I thought in the field. If so this would be a first for me. 4) Same as above? Immature Yellow-Rumped Warbler? Saw this on the same day a few minutes before the bird above. 5) I'm not sure about this either. I saw this today. Maybe the same as above also?
  5. Please help with a bird I saw this weekend in Spencer County KY. My first impression was an Ovenbird, but I didn't get a great look. It was at least 20 or 30 feet up in the tree. I'm not sure if that is common for an Ovenbird.
  6. I finally got to take a day off work Friday. Instead of relaxing I got up at 6:00 AM grabbed a coffee and went to the park for 8 miles of hiking and bird watching. After picking up this hobby 5-6 years ago I think I am now hooked. Below are some birds that I was torn on. All photos were taken in Jefferson County KY two days ago on the 27th. Thanks! 1) Red-eyed Vireo? This would be a lifer for me. Unidentifiable Warbler? I never did get a good look at this little guy through the binoculars, and this is the best photo I got (he would not sit still). I had no idea in the field and I'm not sure the photo is good enough to get an ID on it. 3) Orange Crown Warbler or Imature / Female Common Yellowthroat? Or something else?
  7. The attached link is a video but I would like help with the bird call at seconds 11 and 21. This was in Louisville KY today. The bird was sparrow sized, white (or off white) breast and darker back but couldn’t tell the exact color. Thanks!
  8. Spotted this evening in Louisville KY. I did not get a picture from the front. I originally thought this was a Hermit because of the eye ring, but is the coloring correct for a Hermit? I do not see the contrasted tail.
  9. I saw this today in Louisville, KY. It was cloudy and I did not have the aperture on the best setting for the lighting. I did see it more clearly through the binoculars. It was on chest and head and had two wing bars. I was thinking pine warbler but I'm not 100%. Are the images good enough for someone to ID?
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